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A new collaboration. A new era. The learner’s dictionary transformed!. Using a learner’s dictionary. When? Why? How?. Witness the transformation. from an occasional reference to the ultimate resource for language learning. Definitions PLUS. Full-sentence definitions

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witness the transformation
Witness the transformation

from an occasional reference to the ultimate resource for language learning

definitions plus
  • Full-sentence definitions
  • collocations – shows which words are most typically used with the target word
  • grammar – most representative patterns help the learner use English correctly
  • natural English – model how the language is used appropriately and idiomatically
definitions plus1


to give someone the official right to do or have something

Brand W

If you areentitledto something, you have the right to have it or do it.


definitions plus2


to give someone responsibility for an important job or activity

Brand X

If you entrust something important to someone or entrust them with it, you make them responsible for looking after it or dealing with it.


definitions plus3


  • (of a person) worried and anxious
  • (of a place, situation or time) having a lot of problems

Brand Y

  • Someone who is troubled is worried because they have problems.
  • A troubled place, situation, organization or time has many problems or conflicts.


definitions plus4


(especially of women and children) quiet and well behaved

Brand Z

If you describe someone, usually a young woman, as demure, you mean they are quiet and rather shy, usually in a way that you like and find appealing […]



the bank of english
The Bank of English™
  • Original and most up-to-date computerized corpus
  • Largest representation of authentic American English
  • Used to create each definition
  • Source of sample sentences
vocabulary builders over 3 000 pedagogical features
Vocabulary Builders: over 3,000 pedagogical features
  • Encourage curiosity and exploration
  • Enhance vocabulary acquisition
  • Increase language fluency
  • Improve accurate communication
  • Provide a greater depth and breadth of knowledge

A level of content and an overall learning experience unmatched in other dictionaries!

from quick reference to exploration
From quick reference to exploration
  • Jump in
  • Explore
  • Learn
  • Surf!
a wealth of material in the appendices
A wealth of material in the appendices
  • Brief Grammar Reference
  • Brief Writer’s Handbook
  • Brief Speaker’s Handbook
  • Words that Frequently Appear on the TOEFL® and TOEIC®
  • Texting and Emoticons
  • Defining Vocabulary
  • Academic Word List
  • US State Names and Capitals
  • Geographical Places and Nationalities
a wealth of material in the appendices1
A wealth of material in the appendices
  • Brief Writer’s Handbook
  • Brief Speaker’s Handbook
  • Quick Grammar Reference
  • Texting and emoticons
  • TOEFL® and TOEIC® lists
  • List of defining vocabulary
  • Geographic (names, nationalities, places)
brief speaker s handbook
Brief Speaker’s Handbook
  • Greetings, Introductions, Leave-taking
  • Having a Conversation
  • Using the Telephone
  • Job Interview
  • Presentations
  • Agreeing & Disagreeing
  • Interrupting, Clarifying, Checking for Understanding
  • Apologizing
  • Suggestions, Advice, Insistence
  • Describing Feelings
interactive cd rom
Interactive CD-ROM
  • Searchable definitions, sample sentences, word webs, and picture dictionary boxes
  • “PopUp” Dictionary
  • Pronunciation with record and playback
  • “My Dictionary”
  • Bookmarks