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Robert F. Kennedy Assassination PowerPoint Presentation
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Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

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Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

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  1. Renee’ Moyer Robert F. Kennedy Assassination

  2. Background • Born in Brookline Massachusetts • November 20, 1925 • Son of Joseph Kennedy (rich business man) and Rose Kennedy (daughter of the Mayor of Boston) • Raised as a Roman Catholic

  3. Family • 7 siblings • John F. Kennedy • Ted Kennedy • Joseph P. Kennedy JR. • Eunice Kennedy Shriver • Patricia Kennedy Lawford • Jean Kennedy Smith

  4. His life • In Massachusetts he graduated from Milton prep school then enrolled in Harvard • His older brother Joseph was K.I.A. (WWII) • Then RFK joined the Navy • 1946- went back to Harvard and graduated with a degree in government two years after

  5. His life • Spent 3 years at University of Virginia Law School for a law degree • He found the love of his life Ethel Skakel • She was his sisters roommate, he married her in 1950

  6. Political Career • 1951- joined U.S. department of Justice’s Criminal Division • 1952-resigned to lead JFK’s senatorial campaign • 1953- became advisor to the Senate Subcommittee (but left after 6 months) • 1954- joined the Senate’s permanent Subcommittee on Investigations as chief counsel for the Dem. minority

  7. Political career • 1960- Managed John’s pres. Campaign • When JFK was elected pres. RFK became U.S. attorney General, and closest cabinet members to JFK • 1963- JFK was assassinated, RFK resigned • 1964- ran for Sen. of NY (won) in hopes of becoming U.S. pres. candidate

  8. Assassination • 1968- RFK was nominated to run against Eugene McCarthy • June 5 1968 RFK made a victory speech at the California Democratic Primary at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. • After his speech, he exited the hall through the kitchen. He used this as a shortcut to get to the Colonial Room

  9. As RFK walked down the corridor to get to the press, it was filled with people including SirhanSirhan, RFK’s assassin

  10. SirhanSirhan • He was a 24 year old Palestinian born • He opened fire with his .22 pistol and fired 8 bullets, hitting 6 people • Who he hit: • Paul Shrade (speech writer) was hit in the forehead, Irwin Stroll was hit in the left leg (17 yrs old), William Weisel (ABC director) was hit in the stomach, Ira Goldstein’s (reporter) hip was shattered, Elizabeth Evans (artist) was grazed in the forehead.

  11. Bobby was leaning over what seemed to be a counter, and was shaking peoples hands, SirhanSirhanreached his arm over people with his pistol and started to fire at the senator • Bobby Kennedy laid on the floor bleeding, and Ethel rushed to his side and cradled his head in her arms. • he was shot once in the head and twice in the back

  12. A busboy (Juan Romero) brought over rosary beads and put them in RFK’s hand. • RFK whispered “Is everybody all right?” •

  13. Last hours • RFK was sent to Central Receiving Hospital (18 blocks away from hotel) • Then was sent to Good Samaritan Hospital considering he needed brain surgery • Arrived around 1 am • Dr.’s discovered 2 additional bullet wounds, one under his right armpit, and the other one and a half inches lower • Went through a 3 hr brain surgery, but conditions worsened..

  14. June 6, 1968 • Robert F. Kennedy died at 1:44 a, from his wounds, he was 42 years old • His funeral was held in NY at St. Patricks Cathedral, followed by a train ride of the casket from NY to DC to Arlington Cemetery where he was buried with his brother JFK

  15. SirhanSirhan was originally sentenced to death, but it was changed in 1972 to life in prison,when the California Supreme Court declared the death penalty law in effect at the time as unconstitutional • Sirhan in 2011, was denied parole for the 13th time

  16. SirhanSirhan is in prison at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County’s South Bay area. • He was originally in Corcoran State Prison in central California • His reason was because of RFK’s support for Israel

  17. Citation • • • •