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Contraception . Peters Health 2012. Understands your body, educate yourself Practices health-promoting behaviors, such as abstinence and undergo regular check-ups Know your family’s medical history!. Respect Yourself. Identify your own values

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Health 2012

respect yourself
Understands your body, educate yourself

Practices health-promoting behaviors, such as abstinence and undergo regular check-ups

Know your family’s medical history!

Respect Yourself
takes responsibility for own behaviors
Identify your own values

Decide what is personally “right” and act on those values

Understand consequences of your actions

Understand that media messages can create unrealistic expectations related to sexuality and intimate relationships

Distinguish personal desires from that of the peer group

Recognize behavior that may be self-destructive and seek help if needed

Takes Responsibility for Own Behaviors
What is contraception?

Prevention of conception or pregnancy (the joining of the ovum with the sperm cell).

Why is it important to learn about contraception?

This factual information is critical to make healthy decisions now and in the future.

what do you know
What are some different methods of contraception?

Individually or with a partner: Please list all the methods you have heard of, even if you don’t think they are reliable.

What do you know?
methods of contraception



Other (natural/surgical)

Methods of Contraception
barrier methods1
All barrier methods prevent sperm from entering the vagina and/or the cervix.


Can break or come off during intercourse; can expire; can cause allergic reactions.

Barrier Methods
hormonal methods
Birth Control Pill/ Patch: The Pill contains hormones similar to the natural hormones in a woman’s body. The hormones in the pill stop the release of an egg from the ovaries. No egg = no pregnancy.

Depo Provera (shot): a hormone that is injected into a female’s arm or buttock every 12 weeks. The hormone stops the release of an egg and makes the cervical mucous thicker so that sperm cannot enter the uterus.

Hormonal Methods
hormonal methods1

Do not protect against STIs

Can have many side effects

Are commonly misused

Ineffective with certain medication

Hormonal Methods
spermicidal methods
Spermicidal methods prevent pregnancy by using chemicals to kill sperm on contact.

Spermicide (Nonoxynol-9)

Contraceptive Foam: A product that comes in a can and has an applicator to put the foam into the vagina.

Contraceptive Jelly: A product that comes in a tube and is usually used with a diaphragm or cervical cap.

Vaginal Contraceptive Film: A very thin transparent square of film that dissolves quickly and releases nonoxynol-9.

Sponge: (also a barrier method) A piece of soft foam that covers the cervix filled with three kinds of spermicides.

Condom lubricated with spermicide.

Spermicidal Methods

Spermicidal products containing Nonoxynol-9 may cause skin/mucosal irritation/itchiness. This irritation may increase the risk for STI and HIV.

Do not protect from STIs

other methods
Sterility: Vasectomy(Males)/Tubal Occlusion(Females)

Rhythm Method* (Natural Method- timing with female cycle)


*Failure rates are extremely and offer no protection from STI and HIV/AIDS

Other Methods
scary statistics
About 25% of teen females and 18% of teen males usedNO method of contraception at first intercourse.

Each year in the United States, 800,000--900,000 adolescents aged <19 years become pregnant.

CDC, 2012

Scary Statistics!
barriers to using protection
What do you think? Brainstorm….

What does the research say:

Contraception Use Statistics

Barriers to Using Protection?
teen pregnancy
Do you know how much it costs to have a baby?

What social, emotional and physical impacts to you think becoming a teen parent would have?

Teen Pregnancy