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Los Osos High School

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Los Osos High School. School Counseling Program Student Seminar & Parent Night Results . Presented by: Kelly Shaw and Susan Forbes. Standard B

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los osos high school

Los Osos High School

School Counseling Program

Student Seminar &

Parent Night Results

Presented by:

Kelly Shaw


Susan Forbes

national standards academic development
Standard B

Students will complete school with the academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of substantial post-secondary options, including college.

National Standards:Academic Development
student competencies

Student Competencies

B1.5 Organize and apply academic information from a variety of sources

B1.7 Become a self-directed and independent learner

B2.1 Establish challenging academic goals

B2.6 Understand the relationship between classroom performance and success in school

what did we measure
What Did We Measure?
  • Junior Seminar
    • All Students in 10th grade
    • Guidance Lesson on A-G Requirements
    • Individual Counselor and Student meetings
    • Create each student’s plan
    • Administer assessment
  • Junior Parent Night
    • All parents invited to attend
    • A-G curriculum
    • Assessment
a g lesson rationale

A-G Lesson Rationale:

If Students:

understand how to read their own transcripts

identify A-G courses

know graduation and college requirements

They will be more likely to:

develop four year plans that meet their individual needs

take ownership in their education and their future

enroll in the right courses

graduate college eligible

goals of a g guidance lesson
Help develop 4 – yr. plan

Increase knowledge of college requirements

Teach importance of setting goals

Have students meet their full potential

Enable students to read their transcripts

Understanding of course remediation if needed

Goals of “A-G” Guidance Lesson
junior student seminars
Junior Student Seminars
  • All 762 Junior students meet in assigned rooms with their counselor
  • Counselor Guidance Lesson Presentation
    • Review transcript and status report focusing on graduation requirements
    • Review A-G requirements
    • Skills for employment
    • Applying for college and entrance exams
    • Junior college calendar
    • Review articles regarding college myths and preparing for college
  • Registration for senior year
  • Registration materials for SAT and ACT
  • Junior Questionnaire
junior student seminar
Junior Student Seminar
  • Following Junior Student Seminars, students complete individual questionnaires that are given to their counselors.
  • Students meet one-on-one with counselors to discuss specific questions related to their personal educational plan.
  • Topics include: high school and college requirements, testing, credit recovery and career exploration.
  • A questionnaire was given to every junior at the conclusion of each seminar.
students believe
Students Believe…

Students believe that is important to met the A-G requirements to be eligible for college admission.

  • 69%believed it was important to take A-G Courses
  • 98%believed it was important to take A-G Courses

Students Know…

Percentage of Students who knew the Number of Credits needed to Graduate from High School

Increase of 54%


Students Know…

Percent of students who know the A-G College Requirements.

Increase of 204%


Students Completing A-G’s

Percent of students who met the A-G requirements and are CSU/UC eligible.

Increase of 5%


Students Know: The Early Assessment Tests are given during the 11th grade STAR testing.

Increase of 119% of students that knew the benefits of the EAP Test

If juniors score well on the EAP Test, they can qualify for freshman English and Math in college. They can waive their college assessment tests.

students learned skills
Students Learned Skills…

Students could read a transcript to determine if they were on target to graduate.

  • 73%could read a transcript
  • 96%could read a transcript
junior parent night

Junior Parent Night

Grade 11

High School Graduation Requirements

A-G requirements (UC/CSU req.)


Post-High School Options

College Entrance Exams

School Involvement

parent survey pre results post
65%Knew that 230 credits were needed for graduation

37%Knew that the Early Assessment Test is given during 11thgr. STAR Testing

28%Knew the A-G College Requirements




Parent Survey PreRESULTSPost
after the parent presentation knowledge significantly increased in the following areas
After the Parent Presentation knowledge significantly increased in the following areas:
  • High School Graduation Credits and requirements
  • Access to Aries Parent Portal for attendance and grades
  • Testing Information; EAP, SAT, ACT
  • Club and Activity Involvement
  • A-G College Requirements
  • 85% Attendance Rule
student results
Student Results

We are looking to improve the following data:

Achievement Related Data

  • Enrollment in A-G College Requirements

Achievement Data

  • Students Completing Graduation


  • Students Graduating College


enrollment in a g required classes
Enrollment in A-G Required Classes

9% increase

Our goal is to continue to increase over time

achievement data 3 increase in graduation rate
Achievement Data 3% Increase in Graduation Rate

Our goal is to continue to increase this over time

  • The goal is that students taking and succeeding in more rigorous courses and that in turn, more will graduate high school ready for college!
  • Junior Parent Night and Junior Seminars are useful tools to educate students and parents about high school and college requirements, attendance and school involvement .
  • Adjustment to presentation for 2008 will include difference between ACT and SAT and looking at the rate of students who graduate college eligible
  • Only 1/3 of our Junior parents attended the Junior Parent Night and completed Pre and Post Tests.
  • 2% of our juniors were absent for the seminars and did not complete Pre and Post Tests.
adjustments next steps
Adjustments & Next Steps
  • Adjustment to parent presentation for 2008 will include difference between ACT and SAT tests.
  • Continue to stress the importance of EAP testing to qualify for college level English and Math placement.
  • Explain Senior Experience courses related to EAP results.

We Exist to Effect Change in Students:Acquire (ASK)ImproveAttitude AttendanceSkills BehaviorKnowledge Academic Achievement


The School Counseling Program is contributing in a meaningful and positive way to the academic development of students .

Thank you for your support of the school counseling Program!