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Los Amigos High School Class of 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Los Amigos High School Class of 2016

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Los Amigos High School Class of 2016 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Los Amigos High School Class of 2016. Welcome, Bienvenidos, Chào đón. 9 th grade Team. Ms. Patterson Principal Mr. Torres- Asst. Principal Mrs. Draeger Counselor. School Motto. Siempre Con Dignidad Always with Dignity Luôn luôn với nhân phẩm.

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Los Amigos High School Class of 2016

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    1. Los AmigosHigh SchoolClass of 2016 Welcome, Bienvenidos, Chào đón

    2. 9th grade Team • Ms. Patterson Principal • Mr. Torres- Asst. Principal • Mrs. Draeger Counselor

    3. School Motto • Siempre Con Dignidad • Always with Dignity • Luôn luôn với nhân phẩm

    4. Los Amigos’ commitment to you and to the student is to provide the best educational setting so that your student can obtain the best education and to reach his or her maximum potential while here at Los Amigos High School. PAWS Persevere Attain Work Succeed

    5. Agenda: • Attendance- Tardy, Sat. Schools, Suspensions • School Rules and Policies- Discipline, Bullying • Dress Code, Hats, Cell Phone/IPODS • Classwork and Homework • Community and School Involvement • Drugs (Do Not Be Frightened) • A-G and Transcripts • Parent/Guardian Commitment • School Site Council and English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

    6. Attendance • In order for your child to pass his or her classes, he or she must be present. • Simple right? • How many days can a student miss school- PER YEAR without the district questioning? • Excused vs. Unexcused absences. • Excused: Student ill, court dates, doctors and dentists appointments, death in immediate family members (mother, father, sister and brother) • Unexcused: Taking care of younger siblings, other family member ill, out of country on an “emergency” • SARB Letters- School Attendance Review Board • Meeting with School, District Personnel, Probation Dept., • School Nurse, Parent and Student. 4 Letters

    7. Attendance cont. • Unexcused or Truant students will receive Sat. Schools. 8 am- 12 pm. • Tardies- Student must arrive on time to every class period. If student is late, he or she must obtain a tardy slip from the office to be allowed to enter the classroom. No exceptions. No excuses. • 1st and 2nd tardy- Warnings • 3rd, 4th and 5th tardy- detention (30 min. Mon-Thurs) • 6th and 7th tardy- 2 Hr. Sat. School • 8th, 9th and 10th tardy- 4 Hrs Sat. Schools • 11th and on- Administrative Consequences.

    8. Passing Period Video • Next you will see students going to class during passing period. • There are 2 warning bells • A 2 minute warning • A 1 minute warning All students that are tardy must get a pass from either campus security or the front office.

    9. School rules and Policies • Students are expected to follow all school rules while on campus or attending any school functions • Sporting games, musical or drama play, dances, etc. • Students can speak with me or Mrs. Draeger (counselor) for any concerns or issues that they may be dealing with. • Bullying will not be tolerated- Any student that is harassing (physically, verbally, electronically [texting, facebook, emails]) will be dealt with according to the law and our discipline guidelines. • District Discipline Committee- Transfers or Expulsion cases

    10. Dress Code • Inappropriate Clothing: • Girls-short shorts, see through clothing, spaghetti straps, inappropriate language, gestures, drug paraphernalia. • Boys- pants not on their hips, gang affiliated attire, inappropriate belt buckles, shirts containing weapons, drugs, lewd woman, violence • Will NOT BE PERMITTED ON CAMPUS • Hats/Caps- Only Los Amigos purchased hats are expected. No exceptions. Once the students are on campus, they are to remove it and put them away until they are off campus. We see them, we take them. Parent must pick up hat. Repeated offenders, caps will be held until the end of the year.

    11. Dress Code Cont: • Cell Phones and IPODS- Every classroom has their own policy whether they can be used or not. • If a teacher has a no cell phone/Ipod policy in their classroom, it is enforced. • Phone/Ipod are taken, detention is issued and parent must pick up phone after the detention is served. • Cell phones/Ipods are a huge distraction. Students bring cell phones at their own risk. The school is not responsible for stolen or lost cell phones. We will do our best to ensure that stolen property is investigated and make every attempt to retrieve it, however, it is not our first priority.

    12. Classwork and homework • Student planner: • Every student was given a student planner during registration. • The planner is designed to help the student get organized and to write down important dates and assignments. • Students should be using it to write down their homework assignments. • Great tool for you to see what is being done in the classroom. • If they are not using it, make them use it, make it an expectation at home.

    13. Community, School Involvement • Colleges and University accepting more well rounded students. • Grade Point Average is not the only factor that is looked at when accepting a student. • Community Service and School Involvement is critical and the sooner they get involved, the better. • Community parks, churches, homeless shelter etc. • Sports and Clubs on campus • Many, many clubs and sports to get involved in. • Football, volleyball, track and field, basketball, human relations club, key club, drama club, dance/ROP club, automotive club, French club etc.

    14. Drugs-Zero Tolerance • Drugs: Marijuana, Pills and Alcohol • Do we have a problem with drugs on our campus? • Do we have students that bring it onto our campus? • Any student that is caught under the influence of any controlled substance with be dealt with the full extent of the law and our district policies. • Any student caught with any type of drug in their possession (backpack even is the backpack belongs to a “friend”—if you are carrying it—it’s yours, lockers, the student will be arrested and prosecuted. • We have the full support of the Fountain Valley Police Department.

    15. Drugs cont: • Do not be alarmed—we don’t have students doing drugs in class, during passing period, all day, every day. • Our student body does not tolerate it either, most of our information comes from our own students • Lockers and backpacks. If drug paraphernalia is found in your students backpack or locker and if it is not theirs, unless the other student admits and takes ownership—the charges and consequence will fall on the student with the paraphernalia. • We cannot monitor it alone…we need your help.

    16. How to assist: • Check your son’s or daughter’s belongings. • Check their backpacks, their drawers, the cell phones, their notebooks, check everything. • Pictures or drawings of marijuana leaves, marijuana pipes, wrapping papers these are some signs that they may be using drugs. • Is your child sleeping all day long, tired, loss of appetite, increase in appetite, these are also signs. • Red eyes, dry mouth(cotton mouth), fingers smell of marijuana. • If in doubt—get them tested.

    17. Energy Drinks Vs. Alcohol

    18. A-G Requirements • A-G requirements. • 4 years of English • 3 years of Math- 4 years recommended • 3 years of Science-4 years recommended • 2 years of Social Studies • 2 years of PE • Honor Classes • AP Classes • Credits= 220….60 credits per year. • Every class counts towards your credits. • 4 year plan will be done with their counselor. • English, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE and electives.

    19. Parent and Guardian Commitment • Committing to your students academic success is your role. • Show support- attend games, plays, musical events. • Talk to them, make time daily, weekly to find out what is going on at school. • THEIR FRIENDS- Find out who they are, meet their parents • Studies show that students biggest influences are not teachers, counselors or administrators. • IT’S THEIR FRIENDS!!!

    20. School Site Council and English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) • 2 committees that are involved in helping make decisions regarding program on campus and how money is spent. • Parent Involvement is a must for these 2 programs. • If interested- please see me after tonight’s presentation so that you may sign up. • A schedule for School Site Council will be provided to you with time, date and location. • English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)- Mr. Fulton leads this committee, he will be contact with you and provide more information. • ELAC is meeting tomorrow here at 6pm.

    21. I look forward in serving your student and you this year. Lets work together.Working together we can achieve more.Thank you.