density n.
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Density. Density is how much mass something has in a certain volume. 100kg. How can one have more matter if they are the same size?. Which block has more matter in it?. The blue block must have a higher density!. 200kg.

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  • Density is how much mass something has in a certain volume


How can one have more matter if they are the same size?

Which block has more matter in it?

The blue block must have a higher density!



The yellow block has more matter contained in the same volume as the blue block. Therefore, the yellow matter must be more dense.

Which block has higher density?

How do you know?


If it is the same type of matter, then it has the same density because the matter is equally crowded.

The size of the piece does not make a difference.

Which block has higher density?


The pink block is smaller, but it still has a higher density, because the matter is more crowded.

Which block is more dense?


You can use density to predict if an object will float or sink.

If something is

more dense

than the fluid,

it will sink.

Will the yellow object float or sink?


If something is

less dense

than the fluid,

it will float.

Will the brown block float or sink?


The duck is

less dense than water

so it floats

The anchor is

more dense than water

so it sinks


When a fluid gets hot, its density changes!

Inside balloon

Outside balloon


How can you figure out the density of an object?

You need to measure the mass and the volume.

  • The formula for calculating density is:


Density =




v d

DMV Triangle:

Cover the variable that you need to find, the triangle will tell you what math to do to find it.

Remember how to measure mass?
  • Mass is a measurement of the amount of matter that something has.
  • The SI unit for mass is the gram.
  • Mass is measured with a balance.


Remember how to measure volume?
  • Volume is the amount of space that something takes up

Volume is measured differently for liquids and solids

  • Volume of Liquids
  • The SI unit for liquid is liter
  • Liquid volume is measured with a graduated
  • cylinder
Rectangular Solids

1.6cm x

1.3cm x

4.1cm =

8.528 cm3

8.5 cm3











Displacement method

Irregular Solids

Because the hammer is solid, we use cm3!

69 mL

65 mL

Volume of Hammer?

4 mL or 4 cm3

calculating density is simple
Calculating density is simple!
  • Measure the mass.
  • Measure the volume.
  • Divide.

Mass (grams)

Say “per”

Density =

Volume (cm3)

The units that we use for density are grams/cm3

density problems use the dmv triangle
Density Problems(Use the DMV triangle!)

1. If 52 grams of matter has a volume of 65 cm3, what is the density of the matter? Will it float or sink in water?

  • If a 32 gram piece of wood has a density of 4 g/cm3, what is the volume?
  • A metal washer has a mass of 27 g/cm3 and a volume of 3 cm3. What is its mass?
If an object has a mass of 810 g and a volume of 45 cm3, what is its density? Will it float or sink in water?
  • When you add a rock to 70 mL of water in a graduated cylinder, the water rises to 80 mL. The density of the rock is 4.2 g/cm3. What is the rock's mass?
  • What is the volume of a sample of liquid with a density of 20 g/cm3 and a mass of 25 g?
  • A 540g fish displaces 90 cm3 of water. What is the density of the fish?