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John F. Kennedy

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John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy. Young, handsome, navy veteran, (PT109 Harvard educated, Congressman, Senator, President. Election 1960: Richard Nixon v. Kennedy. First televised presidential debates. Kennedy;charisma, Nixon; pasty & sweaty, appeared nervous. Election very close.

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john f kennedy1
John F. Kennedy
  • Young, handsome, navy veteran, (PT109
  • Harvard educated, Congressman, Senator, President.
election 1960 richard nixon v kennedy
Election 1960: Richard Nixon v. Kennedy
  • First televised presidential debates.
  • Kennedy;charisma, Nixon; pasty & sweaty, appeared nervous.
election very close
Election very close
  • Kennedy 1st Roman Catholic elected president of the US.
  • Inaugural address: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”


JFK, Jackie,

Caroline &

John Jr.


Brought a



and excitement

to the White


jackie from a society family
Jackie from a society family
  • Parents divorced, dad “black sheep”.
  • Educated in private schools.
  • Interested in the arts.
  • Photographer when met JFK.
bay of pigs
Bay of Pigs
  • Invasion of Cuba planned by Eisenhower.
  • Cuban exiles trained by CIA to overthrow Castro.
  • JFK withdrew air support prior to invasion.
  • Disaster.
over 1 000 captured
Over 1,000 captured...
  • Castro had advanced warning.
  • Invaders old, outdated equipment.
  • Ransomed over 1 year later by Robert Kennedy for medical supplies, baby food & farm equipment.
jfk takes full responsibility
JFK takes full responsibility...
  • Was his decision, didn’t make excuses.
  • Bad start in Foreign Policy.
suspicious increase in freighter traffic between ussr cuba
Suspicious increase in freighter traffic between USSR & Cuba
  • Summer of 1962.
  • U-2 spy plane investigates and takes pictures Oct. 62.
  • Missile sites are detected.
  • What to do?
jfk calls in national security council
JFK calls in National Security Council.
  • 3 options:
  • bomb, invade or blockade Cuba.
  • Decide on “quarantine”.
blockade implies an act of war
Quarantine softer.

We want the missiles out, but DON’T want war.

Blockade implies an act of war
ussr denies presence of missiles in cuba
USSR denies presence of missiles in Cuba.
  • US takes photos of sites to the UN.
  • Soviets are caught redhanded.

"We're eyeball to eyeball

& I think the other

fellow just blinked."

ussr backs off
USSR backs off...
  • Crisis is settled through diplomacy.
  • Robert Kennedy important advisor to his brother.
  • Robert McNamara, sec of def.
  • Dean Rusk, sec of state
four after effects
Four after effects...
  • 1. First superpower showdown over nuclear weapons.
  • 2. Hot line phone installed.
  • 3. Hilite of Kennedy Administration.
  • 4. Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
then dallas
  • Trip to unify the Democratic Party before 64 campaign.
  • 1st trip for Jackie since 1960.
  • San Antonio, Houston, Dallas.
  • Arrived Love Field, then motorcade to downtown.
mrs connelly quote
Mrs. Connelly quote...
  • “You can’t say Dallas doesn’t love you Mr. President!”
  • Then the shots.
john connally wounded
John Connally wounded...
  • JFK shot in the head & neck.
  • Rushed to Parkland Hospital.
suspect lee harvey oswald
Suspect Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Employee of Texas Schoolbook Depository.
  • Killed a cop on the street.
hides in texas theater
Hides in Texas Theater
  • Taken into custody.
  • Ex US marine, defected to USSR, then back to US.
  • Failure at everything.
  • Murdered by Jack Ruby in police station.
lbj sworn in on air force one
LBJ sworn in on Air Force One
  • Conspiracy theories everywhere.
  • Castro, Cuba, USSR.
  • Facts point only to Oswald.
  • Kennedy buried at Arlington National Cemetary.
  • Eternal Flame.
jfk legacy
JFK Legacy
  • Civil Rights-bill to congress, no action.
  • Tough Foreign Policy.
  • NASA.
new social programs
New Social Programs
  • Peace Corps
  • Food for Peace
  • Alliance for Progress
we can never know what he might have become
We can never know what he might have become...
  • A life cut short, the future denied.
  • An American Tragedy.