introduction to corrosion n.
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Introduction to Corrosion

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Introduction to Corrosion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Corrosion . Lecture#01. Definition. Corrosion may be defined as the destruction of a metal or an alloy because of chemical or electrochemical reaction with its surrounding environment or medium. a metal or an alloy. environment or medium. Environments in Corrosion 1.

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  • Corrosion may be defined as the destruction of a metal or an alloy because of chemical or electrochemical reaction with its surrounding environment or medium

a metal or an alloy

environment or medium

environments in corrosion 1
Environments in Corrosion1

1Sheir, L.L., R.A. Jarman, and G.T. Burstein, eds. Corrosion. 3rd ed. Vol. 1. 2000, Butterworth-Heinemann: Oxford.

corrosion metallurgy in reverse 2
Corrosion: Metallurgy in Reverse2

2Fontana, M.G., Corrosion Engineering. 3rd ed. 1986, New York: McGraw-Hill.

some corrosion failure examples 3

Some Corrosion Failure Examples3

3Corrosion Doctors Website. Homepage:

losses due to corrosion 4
Losses due to Corrosion4

4Uhlig, H.H. and R.W. Revie, Corrosion and Corrosion Control. 3rd ed. 1985, New York: John Wiley & Sons.

cost of corrosion
Cost of Corrosion
  • Which cost more?
    • Corrosion
    • Fire
    • Flooding
    • Earthquake
cost of corrosion 2004 in billion us 5
Cost of Corrosion(2004) in billion US$5

5Bhaskaran, R., N. Palaniswamy, and N.S. Rengaswamy, Global Cost of Corrosion—A Historical Review,

in Corrosion: Materials, Vol 13B, ASM Handbook. 2005, ASM International.

example of overdesign 3
Example of Overdesign3
  • An 8" in. dia oil pipeline 225 miles long with a in. wall thickness was installed with no corrosion protection system
  • With appropriate protection namely cathodic protection, it would have a thin wall thickness which would
    • save 3,700 tons of steel (worth more than one million dollar)
    • increase internal capacity of the pipeline by about 5%.
so why study corrosion
So……Why Study Corrosion?
  • Materials are precious resources
  • Engineering design is incomplete without knowledge of corrosion
  • Applying knowledge of corrosion protection can minimize disasters
  • Corrosion – contaminate products such as pharmaceutical, food and dairy products or luxury items like soap
  • Corrosion products – threat to the environment
  • Artificial implants for the human body!!!
so what would be expected from you a corrosion engineer
So .. What would be expected from You (a Corrosion Engineer)?
  • Ensuring maximum life of new equipment
  • Preservation of existing equipment
  • Protecting or improving the quality of a product in order to maintain or improve a competitive position.
  • Avoiding costly interruptions of production.
  • Reducing or eliminating losses of valuable products by spillage or leaks.
  • Refitting of equipment withdrawn from service because of corrosion.
  • Reducing hazards to life and property that might be associated with corrosion:
    • Explosions of pressure vessels or piping systems
    • release of poisonous or explosive gases or vapors

are a few examples.