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Mobile Life Care Services. Ankit R. Chadha ( 10-809) Akhil Singh (09-845) Madhur Chauhan ( 10-810 ) Pooja Yadav (09-857) Under the Guidance of Dr . Saurabh Mehta. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION 2013-2014. Why do we need it?.

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Mobile life care services
Mobile Life Care Services

Ankit R. Chadha (10-809)

Akhil Singh (09-845)

MadhurChauhan (10-810)


Under the Guidance of

Dr. Saurabh Mehta



Why do we need it
Why do we need it?

  • Rural areas in India are electrified non-uniformly, with richer states being able to provide a majority of the villages with power while poorer states still struggling to do so.

  • Around 45% of the rural areas in India lack an electric connection whereas the other areas having connections have been facing frequent load-sheading.

Product features
Product Features

  • Mobile hospital is a large mobile medical unit that temporarily takes care of casualties on the site before they can be safely transported to hospitals .

  • Here all necessary medical instruments are being assembled on a medium size vehicle

  • Mobile hospitals to be assembled as per the requirement of local people.

  • Mobile hospitals are assembled on large trucks to provide more space and so more facilities (Operation Theatres etc.).

  • The most suitable market for this product is rural area, specifically remote villages where access to the clinic or hospital is very difficult.

Major unique services
Major Unique Services

  • Dental Unit

  • Ear & Nose Specialists

  • Gynecological or Blood Unit

  • OT / ICU Unit

  • X-Ray and Sonography

Current scenario 1

  • The most stable market for this product is rural areas where access to the clinic or hospital is very difficult.

  • Current Health Scenario in India :

Mobile life care services

Some favorable condition in our targeted area of study-

  • Peoples Unawareness-

  • The family head of almost all the families is uneducated.

  • Most of the families are lower middle class.

  • Farming is the most common occupation among the people.

  • Lack of healthy habits.

  • People are unaware of the common facts about the health and life threatening diseases.

  • In the name of medical infrastructure there is only a small clinic which is not regularly visited by doctors.

  • About 34% population may not visit hospital during general sickness like fever and cold.

  • Health Insurance-

  • Due to unawareness, lack of education and less connectivity with outer world, it is worth less to expect health insurance which is a favorable condition of mobile hospital.

  • Distance of nearest hospital-

  • The nearest government hospital is 6 to 7 kms away from the villages which takes almost half an hour to reach hospital. Mobile hospital is a perfect solution for this problem which comes at doorstep.

Target of services
Target of Services

  • Service at doorstep [2]

  • Staff of Mobile Hospital

  • Doctors , compounder & driver.

  • Services for general diseases

  • Anti viral medicines, operation theater, cure for fractures, anti poison vaccines etc.

  • Accident response

  • Mobile Hospital will provide immediate access in large areas and number of death due to late access of medication would be decreased.

Marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy

  • Location-

    Well planned location cover in order to cover maximum targeted area.

  • Cost - Routine

    Payment system : Monthly payment system.

    With scheme once patient will admit into the contract, it will become regular

    source of income.

  • Awareness / Publicity -

    Awareness through :

  • News papers

  • Television

  • Camps

  • Local banners

Collaboration with a hospital

  • Since establishing a new setup will be very cumbersome as far as investments and procedures are concerned.

  • Our initial star-up plan is in collaborating with a Hospital on a fixed commission basis.

  • 30% of the profit will be shared with the Hospital on an agreement basis.

  • Equipment and processing will be provided by the Hospital.

Mobile life care services


  • Start-up Requirement (INR) :

  • Start-up Expenses

  • Legal licenses certification 0.5 lacrs.

  • Wages(per Year) 10lac Rs.

  • Advertising 1 lac Rs.

  • Mobile Hospital Vehicle 8lac Rs.

  • Other (Fuel, Maintenance) 5 lac Rs.

  • Total Start-up Expenses 24.5 lac Rs.

Graphical profit representation
Graphical Profit Representation


  • Average income per patient is considered as Rs. 350.

  • Considering Rs. 20 lakh (Development, Wages, Maintenance) expenditure after the start-up year.

  • Profit is computed after handing over 30% to the Hospital.

Year (Patients)