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  1. INITIAL APPLICATION WALK THROUGH MOBILELIFE Social problem scope out and Smartphone Applicatory Solution

  2. CHARLIE’s ANGELS Hafsa Malik Salwa Aftab Summaiya Ali Arsalan Abbas

  3. Functionality: • A visual aid to help the user understanding and memorizing routes through landmarks. • Application will guide the user from a famous landmark to his destination. • User can make his own maps by touch n drag, using graphical elements. • Application also allows the user to dictate the route verbally and the app will draw a map itself. • Once the map is ready it can be send to any smart phone holder like a business card. • Application has a data base containing routes of famous places. User can search and download maps easily from there. • User can also contribute his map to the data base, which will be helpful for the people searching the same location.

  4. Features: • Visual and Quick map making • Voice to Map • Location Card • Map Database • User Profiles • Updates, News popup • Eye pleasing • Fun like a Game • Easy to use n Install • For all Android versions

  5. Persona: MARIUM MAZHER Age: 25 Marital Status: Engaged Education: Graduate in Business Administration Work Place: Axact There was a time when I used to travel by public transport and let me tell you, trying to search for my destination without a personal vehicle is a huge difficulty, specially when you are unsure of the exact location. Once I started driving by myself, I at least had the security of my own car but even then I would get lost pretty often when going to a new location or someone’s home if I haven’t been to that area before. The city signage system is extremely inadequate so that supposedly helpful aspect goes out the window. I would love to somehow be in a position where I don’t need to be dependent on any other person for security issues or have the fear of getting lost in unknown places and having to ask for directions from strangers. “ Life’s journey would be so much easier, literally and figuratively, if I knew where to go! “

  6. Scenario: Marium had to get to Sarah’s place for the get together but she was running late and there was no way she would get there without any directions from Sarah as she was going there for the first time. Calling Sarah for directions, she quickly made a makeshift route on a piece of paper and was all set to go. As soon as she reached the nearest landmark to Sarah’s place, she realized she now needed the help of her paper route but as she searched for the paper she was unable to find it anywhere in her bag. Cursing herself she realized she has probably dropped it somewhere while getting in the car. What was she going to do now? She did remember a little bit of the map she had made, maybe she should look for the home by memory. She starts driving around the streets in the neighborhood she knew to be Sarah's but soon she got lost as she faced one blockade and barrier after another. What a waste of time and fuel as well as frustrating! As she reversed her car and decided to go back to where she started from, she sees a jaywalker passing her by. He looked respectable and seemed to be of the neighborhood so she called on him to help her with the directions not knowing that he would turn out to be a jerk who invades her personal space and starts leering at her like an idiot! She quickly gets away from him and finally admitting defeat, she parks her car at a commercial spot and calls Sarah to just come and get her from there. As soon as Marium explains the exact location of her parking, Sarah reaches her with ease as Marium was actually just two streets away from her home. Poor Marium narrates her entire journey to Sarah as they are on their way to her home, telling her of the difficulties she faced along the way. All her friend's are waiting for Marium and Sarah to get back. As soon as they do, their other friend Nirmal turns on her phone and shows Marium and Sarah both an application that she came across on the internet that Helped in path finding and was an easy efficient way to get to places in unknown locations. Marium could hit herself at the revelation. She realized the application was easy to use and such a blessing!

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  13. Future Action Plan: Application video sketch Digitally rendered wire frames Final application