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Dictionary of Foreign Terms

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Dictionary of Foreign Terms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dictionary of Foreign Terms. Mario Pei Salvatore Ramondino with Laura Torbet. Mark Loggins Library 150 Winter 2006. Call Number: R413 P35D. MLA: Pei, Mario, Salvatore Ramondino, and Laura Torbet. Dictionary of Foreign Terms . New York: Delacourte Press, 1974. Arrangement: Alphabetic

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Dictionary of Foreign Terms

Mario PeiSalvatore RamondinowithLaura Torbet

Mark LogginsLibrary 150Winter 2006

Call Number:

R413 P35D


Pei, Mario, Salvatore Ramondino, and Laura Torbet. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. New York: Delacourte Press, 1974.



Each entry word definition follows this format:

Word or Phrase (in Bold Type)Etymology: origin languagePronunciationLiteral MeaningQualifying Labels (e.g. slang or adj.)DefinitionSubsidiary EntryCross References

No Index

Definitions contain cross references


This work covers a variety of foreign words and phrases used in everyday language.


Published in 1974.

With all living languages there are many changes that occur over time due to the many areas of progress of culture and society.

The dead languages obviously remain unchanged.

Therefore, this book is somewhat out of date; and, simultaneously, still relevant.


The book is designed for the general public. It states that many foreign terms and phrases are regularly used in everyday situations.

The problem is that they are misused and mispronounced.

Additional Purpose:

Since the book is designed for the general reader. Anyone with any interest in the definitions and pronunciations of foreign terms can use his resource.


This comes in book format only.

It is also out of print and available on a few online book sellers.

Special Features: None


Mario Pei (1901-1978)Professor, Columbia UniversityLinguist and PolyglotAdvocate of EsperantoAuthored several books on language includingThe Story of LanguageWorld’s Chief LanguagesThe Story of English


Salvatore RamondinoPh.D in Linguistics from Columbia UniversityAuthor of Spanish/English English/Spanish Dictionary

Laura TorbetOwner of graphic design studio, ghostwriter and book editor.

There are no reviews for this book.

Personal Impression:

Interesting book that is easy to use.

Obviously, being published in 1974; I feel that it is out of date in terms of the change in the living languages especially in the science and technology areas. In a world where Xerox is the word for all copying and Google is a verb for searching the web; the book is out of date.

On the other hand, the use of some historic terms and the terms still used from dead languages like Latin are still relevant.

Personally, I liked the book and its “old school” flavor.


Nike: [Gk] NEE-keh, victory; goddess of victory; symbol of victory.[Gk] - Greek

Nisei: [Jap] NEE-say, ni – second + sei –generation; second generation of Japanese born outside of Japan; Japanese AmericansCf. Issei, SanseiCf. – cross reference

Is – first + sei – generation(first generation)San – third + sei – generation(third generation)

Complimentary Sources:

Oxford Essential Dictionary of Foreign Terms

The Harper Dictionary of Foreign Terms