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QuickBooks: Point of Sale 5.0

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QuickBooks: Point of Sale 5.0. Ring Up Sales Inventory Management Customer Tracking Credit Card Management Multiple Security Levels Extensive Reporting Integration with QuickBooks Financial Software. QuickBooks: Point of Sale Background.

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Presentation Transcript
quickbooks point of sale 5 0

QuickBooks:Point of Sale 5.0

Ring Up Sales

Inventory Management

Customer Tracking

Credit Card Management

Multiple Security Levels

Extensive Reporting

Integration with QuickBooks Financial Software

quickbooks point of sale background
QuickBooks: Point of Sale Background
  • Intuit launched QuickBooks: Point of Sale V1 - June 2002
  • Current Version 5.0 released in November 2005
  • As of January 2006 over 45,000 installations of QuickBooks Point of Sale
why quickbooks point of sale
Why QuickBooks: Point of Sale?
  • Easy Inventory Management:
    • Auto inventory tracking
    • Real-time data with each sale
  • Ring Up Sales Quickly, Easily & Accurately
    • Scan barcodes
    • Search by item
    • One-click sales reports
  • Know Your Best Customers
    • Capture detailed customer data
  • Easy to Learn & Use
    • Setup interview, import lists, 30-day support included
  • Works Alone or with QuickBooks Financial Software
    • Easy file transfer to your other financial software with one-click
why quickbooks point of sale4
Why QuickBooks: Point of Sale?
  • Fast Setup
    • Step-by-step interview
  • Many Levels of Security
    • Complete control of who views what information
  • High Reliability
    • The number of users speaks for itself!
  • Excellent Informative and Useful Reports
    • Reports that help make better business decisions
  • Tech Support
    • Help Screens and knowledgeable support reps from Intuit
  • Low Investment
    • Superior value when compared to other POS systems
a point of sale version right for your business
A Point of Sale VersionRight for Your Business
  • QuickBooks: Point of Sale - Basic
  • QuickBooks: Point of Sale - Pro
  • QuickBooks: Point of Sale - Pro Multi-Store
  • Up to 10 workstations at each location
  • Up to 10 locations when using Pro Multi-Store
point of sale software hardware bundle
Point of Sale Software / Hardware Bundle
  • Point-of-Sale software with hardware bundle includes:
    • Cash Drawer
    • Bar Code Scanner
    • Receipt Printer
    • Credit Card Swipe
  • Configured to work right away
  • Available in cream or black/grey
  • Easy setup and connection instructions included with bundle
many levels of security
Many Levels of Security
  • Preset with 4 Levels:
    • Owner
    • Manager
    • Assistant Manager
    • Sales Associate
  • Additional workgroups can be createdUser defined, for example:
    • Night or Weekend Manager
    • Temporary/part-time Sales Associate
    • Warehouse Staff
    • And many others
point of sale reliability
Point of Sale Reliability
  • Over 45,000 QuickBooks Point of Sale users (as of January 2006)
  • Extensive beta testing
  • Maintenance releases throughout the support life of product
superb reporting function
Superb Reporting Function

Point of Sale includes multiple types of reports… lets take a look at each one in detail.

  • Dashboard
  • Sales
  • Cash Drawer
  • Payment
  • Customers
  • Customer Orders
  • Items
  • Purchasing
  • Memorized Reports
dashboard reports a quick snapshot of your business
Dashboard Reports… A quick snapshot of your business
cash drawer reports zero out status checking your register
Cash Drawer Reports… “Zero out” & “Status Checking” your register
customer orders reports check for layaways special orders work orders
Customer Orders Reports… Check for layaways, special orders & work orders*
items inventory assemblies parts etc
Items… Inventory, assemblies, parts etc.
integration with quickbooks financial software
Integration with QuickBooks Financial Software
  • End of Day… information is transferred to QuickBooks
    • Cash & credit card sales
    • Check sales
    • Accounts Receivable sales
    • Customer information
    • Item mapping
    • Activity Log
  • Point of Sale can update financials at any time of the day
tech support and help
Tech Support and Help

Help and Technical Support are readily available:

  • Tech Support
    • F1 Key
    • Help and Support from within the product
    • Free support for first 90 days you have Point of Sale
  • Certified QuickBooks Point-of-Sale ProAdvisor
basic pro software
Basic & Pro Software
  • Additional Features in Point-of-Sale: Pro
    • Item Styles
    • Assembly Items
    • Group Items
    • Special Order Items
    • Layaways
    • Work Orders
    • Multiple Vendors
multi store software
Multi Store Software
  • Features in Point of Sale: Pro Multi-Store
    • Inventory Items
    • Transfers
    • Other Stores’ Inventory
    • Can be used in up to 10 locations
    • Up to 10 workstations in each store
which point of sale is right for you getting started security integration flexibility
Which Point of Sale is Right for You? Getting Started, Security, Integration & Flexibility

Point of Sale Investment

  • Point of Sale Software Only:
    • Point of Sale: Basic $ 799.95
    • Point of Sale: Pro $1,049.95
    • Point of Sale: Pro Multi-Store $1,399.95*
  • Point of Sale Software with Hardware Bundle:
    • Point of Sale: Basic $1,499.95
    • Point of Sale: Pro $1,749.95
    • Point of Sale: Pro Multi-Store $2,099.95*

*Per license / workstation

point of sale hardware software bundle investment

If the Same Hardware & Software are Purchased Separately: Basic - $1,689.75 Pro – $1,939.75 Premier – $2,289.75

When purchased as a bundle you save $189.80

Point of Sale Hardware / Software Bundle Investment

Point of Sale: Basic Bundle $1,499.95

Point of Sale: Pro Bundle $1,749.95

Point of Sale: Multi-Store Bundle $2,099.95*

* Per License / Workstation

point of sale additional hardware available
Point of Sale Additional Hardware Available
  • PIN Pads (2 models) - $169.95 to $289.95
  • Tag Printer - $369.95
  • Pole Display - $269.95
  • Physical Inventory Scanner - $719.95


Simple to Install and Get Started


Intuit and QuickBooks are

very well known brands


Average cost of QB POS is

Significantly less than competition


QB POS is built to integrate

With QuickBooks

Point of Sale 5.0 is the only solution to address each of the following…

next steps
Next Steps?
  • We have reviewed the system as it relates to your business.
  • We have discussed the features that will take you to “the next level”.
  • We have discussed the QuickBooks Point of Sale commitment to your success.
  • Where do we go from here?