A Custom Point of Purchase Display Increases Sales
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A Custom Point of Purchase Display Increases SalesStop and think about your last visit to the grocery store. How many of the displays do you remember? The odds are very high you will remember only one or two. They probably stood out because they were unique displays you had never seen before. A custom point of purchase display grabs eyes, holds attention, and is remembered. Displays which are commonplace are overlooked, ignored, and forgotten by almost everyone.Increase Your Sales by Grabbing AttentionThere are only a few ways to increase the sales of your products. One is to have a big sale. Another method is to get buyers to notice the products instead of just walking by. A display with originality captures eyes and draws customers to the product.The method to greatly explode your sales is to combine a discount and a unique custom point of purchase display. The increased sales will quickly cover the cost of buying the displays and then start producing greater profits.A Small Investment Which Gives You Long Term ReturnsYou would probably be surprised to learn how inexpensively you can have a custom point of purchase display built. If you need a quantity of units for all of your store locations the price per unit decreases even further. The real magic starts after you put your custom displays to work. You will capture new buyers for the products which become repeat purchasers of your merchandise. Your return on investment suddenly is not isolated to a short term sale, but to long term repeat sales. Isn’t that what you really want anyway, a short term investment which gives you long term results?

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How Small Is Your Investment?Obviously the price on a custom display will vary with the complexity and design. As a good starting point, you can find a custom point of purchase unit starting at under $200. When you compare this cost to buying even generic shelving it becomes a very tiny investment. Considering a custom display will increase sales it should make your decision very easy.The important question is how high your return on investment will be with an eye-catching display. As you remember by thinking back to your last visit to the grocery store, it can be a tremendous difference in brand awareness, immediate sales, and future sales. The display is not only an investment in today, but in the future of the product.The Giants in Marketing Are Not WrongIf you are still questioning the value of having your own custom point of purchase display consider this fact. Pepsi, Coke, Proctor & Gamble, and any other retail marketing giant you can think of rotate unique custom displays almost constantly. They are not guessing at what works, they have done market research and tested the theory. They know when you are rolling out a new product you must capture attention and get people to try it the first time. A custom point of purchase display is one way you can build product and brand awareness without high expenses. It is a great investment in the future of your store or product.