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FUEL YOUR CAREER. Shell Interview Skills Presentation. Presentation Overview. Introduction What Shell Looks for in its Employees Shell’s Recruitment Process Sample Exercises Degree and Career Matrix Questions?. What Shell looks for in candidates. Academic Record

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Shell Interview Skills Presentation

Presentation overview l.jpg
Presentation Overview

  • Introduction

  • What Shell Looks for in its Employees

  • Shell’s Recruitment Process

  • Sample Exercises

  • Degree and Career Matrix

  • Questions?

What shell looks for in candidates l.jpg
What Shell looks for in candidates

  • Academic Record

    • Your academic record is one key factor in the assessment of your application

  • Skills & Achievements

    • Extra-curricular activities and achievements are strong evidence to help aid our understanding of the type of person you are

  • Technical Skills

    • Technical skills are both essential and highly valued

  • CAR

    • Capacity, Achievement, Relationships

What shell looks for in candidates4 l.jpg
What Shell looks for in candidates


  • The ability to analyse data quickly and learn fast, basing judgments on fact not sentiment

  • Analysing outside existing boundaries to identify implications and learn from others

  • The creativity to propose innovative solutions and manage uncertainty within complex environments to produce workable solutions

    In other words, your analytical ability to place problems in a wide but relevant perspective

What shell looks for in candidates5 l.jpg
What Shell looks for in candidates


  • The drive and enthusiasm to set themselves and others challenging unambiguous targets

  • The resilience to deliver

  • The courage and self-confidence to tackle unfamiliar problems and go against the crowd when necessary

    In other words, your ability to get things done

What shell looks for in candidates6 l.jpg
What Shell looks for in candidates


  • Genuine respect and concern for people and valuing everyone regardless of culture or status

  • Demonstrating honesty and integrity in all their actions

  • Creating trust by open and direct communications

  • Persuading others by the inspiration, sensitivity and clarity of their argument

  • Arranging clear means of communication and decision making

    In other words, your ability to work efficiently with others in a team

Shell s recruitment process l.jpg
Shell’s Recruitment Process

  • Candidate profile at www.shell.com/careers

  • Structured interview on campus

  • Shell Recruitment Day or Second Interview

  • Job offer

  • Start

Application l.jpg

Application Forms

  • Applications should be completed online (www.shell.com/careers)

  • Attach copies of required documents (resume and transcript)

  • Submit Candidate Profile to receive notification of future opportunities matching degree and interests

Application9 l.jpg


  • Tailor resume to the job/organisation

  • Do not have unexplained gaps in work history

  • Include achievements – both academic and non-academic

  • Keep it short – preferably one to two pages

  • Beware of exaggerating achievements

The campus interview l.jpg
The Campus Interview

Why Use a Structured Interview?

  • Shell follows an interview process that is intended to explore candidate qualities that are directly related to excellent performance

  • Creates more valid selection decisions

The campus interview11 l.jpg
The Campus Interview

  • Introduction by Shell Interviewer

  • Life Questions

    • Achievements, Relationships

  • Analysis of a contemporary topic

    • Capacity

  • Questions

The campus interview12 l.jpg
The Campus Interview

Benefits for the Applicant

  • Provides applicants with the opportunity to elaborate on experiences, qualifications and skills

  • Provides a fair and robust process of evaluating all applicants by the same criteria

The campus interview13 l.jpg
The Campus Interview

Interview Tips

  • Be yourself

  • Speak clearly

  • Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for time to think

  • Keep your answers relevant to the question

  • Ask questions – be sure to leave the interview having covered all areas you are unsure about – training, job locations, when you should expect to hear the outcome of the interview

The shell recruitment day l.jpg
The Shell Recruitment Day

What Is It?

  • Final stage of the selection process

  • Global process across the Shell Businesses for determining and assessing individual performance and behaviour

  • Several candidates participate (usually 6-12)

  • Involves a variety of tasks, both individual and group exercises

The shell recruitment day15 l.jpg
The Shell Recruitment Day

  • No competition between participants

  • Shell’s objective is to look for reasons to hire (not reasons to reject)

  • Evidence-based assessment

  • Objective criteria with graded levels

  • Ensures consistency in selection methods

  • Criteria tuned to gauge potential success in Shell’s work environment

The shell recruitment day16 l.jpg
The Shell Recruitment Day

Benefits for the Applicant

  • Enables individuals to learn more about the specific business in Shell where they may be working

  • Provides further insight on what a Shell career offers

  • Allows applicants to interact with diverse Shell managers

  • Facilitates decision-making for the individual on the fit with the company

  • Provides the opportunity for an applicant to showcase their skills and capabilities in a team environment

The shell recruitment day17 l.jpg
The Shell Recruitment Day

  • The first evening – Shell welcomes you

    • Briefing and Dinner hosted by new Shell employees

  • The Shell Recruitment Day

    • 6-12 candidates and 4-8 Assessors (Shell Staff)

  • Exercises

    • Proposal/Scenario

    • Case Study

    • Group Discussion

    • Interview

  • Close/Wrap up

The shell recruitment day18 l.jpg
The Shell Recruitment Day


  • Results available

    • Max within 5 working days

  • Offer

    • Identification of first assignment

  • Get to know you meeting (site visit)

Second interview site visit l.jpg
Second Interview/Site Visit

  • In some cases, candidates may be invited to a second interview/site visit in lieu of a Shell Recruitment Day

  • Benefits

    • Candidate may have the opportunity to demonstrate technical skills, by delivering technical presentation or in interview with managers

    • Enables individuals to learn more about the specific business in Shell where they may be working

    • Gain introduction to current technologies onsite

Sample exercises l.jpg
Sample Exercises


  • In groups of 3 assume the following roles:

    • Interviewer

    • Interviewee

    • Observer

  • In turn, practice your interview skills benefiting from the observations made by your peers

Sample exercises21 l.jpg
Sample Exercises

INTERVIEWER - Probe the interviewee for evidence of their achievements and relationship skills

Can you give me an example of leading a team of people?

  • How did you motivate them?

  • How did you manage conflict?

  • What was your biggest challenge?

    Can you give me an example of when you have demonstrated significant resilience to achieve your target?

  • What obstacles did you face?

  • How did you overcome them?

  • What could you have done to prevent obstacles?

Sample exercises22 l.jpg
Sample Exercises


  • Think about the question and your answer

  • Remember what evidence the interviewer is looking for

  • Focus on what YOU did

  • Be enthusiastic about your achievements

  • Keep your answers relevant to the question

  • Give sufficient background information to set the scene, but be careful not to digress from the question

Sample exercises23 l.jpg
Sample Exercises


  • Listen to the interviewee

    • Were their answers relevant?

    • Did they digress?

    • What did they do well?

    • What could they improve upon?

  • Make notes during the interview and give constructive feedback to the interviewee