russian mammoth jeep rally l.
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Russian Mammoth Jeep Rally

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Russian Mammoth Jeep Rally - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Russian Mammoth Jeep Rally. SWEDISH STAG PARTY 2003. Water, Mud (some dirt) & fun experience…. Water/Mud…. Mud/Dirt….

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russian mammoth jeep rally

Russian Mammoth Jeep Rally

the rally itself
Location: Near Kirovsky (45 min outside St. Petersburg) in one of the last frontiers during second world war with many monuments and remains still on the fields.

A team experiencein the countryside on track roads, off-road driving (4-7 persons/car)! A road map will be given and various stops / hinders / problem solving situations will appear during the route in the forest, A tree over the road, a of road goal to arrive at a certain point on another side of the lake, 4-wheel driving passing water barriers, mud ditches building bridges over streams. Intelligent solutions and creativity required. Ending up with a grill B-B-Q in the forest and a trophy ceremony with a group picture

The Rally itself…