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The Oregon Rural Communities Explorer: USER TUTORIAL PowerPoint Presentation
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The Oregon Rural Communities Explorer: USER TUTORIAL

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The Oregon Rural Communities Explorer: USER TUTORIAL - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Oregon Rural Communities Explorer: USER TUTORIAL. This tutorial will explain:. What the Rural Communities Explorer is Where tools of the site are and how to use them How you (and others) can contribute content to the site. The Oregon Rural Communities Explorer.

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this tutorial will explain
This tutorial will explain:

What the Rural Communities Explorer is

Where tools of the site are and how to use them

How you (and others) can contribute content to the site

the oregon rural communities explorer
The Oregon Rural Communities Explorer

A website that provides public access to reliable social, demographic, economic, and environmental information about Oregon’s rural counties and places

For rural leaders, engaged residents, philanthropies, and program managers

6 modules of tutorial
6 Modules of Tutorial

Create data profile reports for communities

Learn about rural communities & issues

Make maps

Access stories & research archives

Find other resources available to the community

Learn how OSU faculty and community members can contribute

module 1 create profile reports
Module 1: Create Profile Reports
  • Use The Oregon Communities Reporter Tool to get social, demographic, environmental, and economic data for all 723 (urban and rural) places and 36 counties in Oregon.
  • Data come from many sources including U.S. Census Bureau, other federal agencies, state agencies, and, soon to come, local agencies and research

“Community” = Counties & Places

“Places” = Census Tracts & Census Designated Places

Now you’re ready!

Type community

Select community from map


Create a new report in this same window

17 Clusters: click to expand

Print (recommended) or download report

Click variable name for definition and source

Click for charts

module 2 learn about rural communities issues
Module 2: Learn about Rural Communities & Issues
  • Use the “Learn About A Community” & “Learn About A Rural Issue” pages to find out about the causes, consequences, and significance of environmental, demographic, economic, and social issues
  • Use the Community Model to think about how communities work and change from a “systems perspective”

Definition of “place”

To provide better access to data, unincorporated places were assigned census tract boundaries

** Often a small town is located in the same census tract as other towns, therefore they will share the same data


Takes into account the people, the built & natural environment, and the social system in the community when considering development

Information to move toward a systems perspective on community


Multimedia story about the many definitions of rural and how they impact our understanding of rural Oregon


Topic definition and data tool at start

Followed by an overview of the rural slant on the issue

module 3 making maps
Module 3: Making Maps
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map issues across the state (by county, census tract, watershed, etc.) will help you:
    • Target money and effort on the places that have need
    • Identify communities with similar issues that could work together or learn from each other
    • See how different areas of Oregon face different problems and have different assets

Print or download your customized map

The map tells you about the point you clicked on (using the “Identify Visible” tool) with all the layers that are on top of it

module 4 access stories research archives
Module 4: Access Stories & Research Archives
  • Stories are written and submitted by community members to the “Life in Oregon’s Rural Communities” Story Competitionand by OSU students
  • Research is written by OSU faculty and community members and archived into ScholarsArchive@OSU
    • ScholarsArchive@OSU is Oregon State University's digital service for gathering, indexing, making available and storing the scholarly work of the Oregon State University community. It also includes materials from outside the institution in support of the university's land, sun, sea, and space grant missions and other research interests.

Browse by Collection

Search by community names, issues, or type of work

module 5 access other resources
Module 5: Access Other Resources
  • Use data tools, issue expert database, organization guides, and social networks to access:
    • More data and better analysis tools
    • Experts who can help assess and explain community issues
    • Partners and allies
    • Other engaged rural Oregonians

Data Tools

Issue Experts

Organizations & Social Networks

data tools
Data Tools
  • Tools to come:
  • Data quality assessment
  • Statistical interpretation
  • Data analysis
local organizational resources
Local Organizational Resources

Click on a County

Access Rural Development Initiative’s Social Networking Site

module 6 how can you contribute
Module 6: How can you contribute?
  • Through ScholarsArchive@OSU
    • Write and archive reports about rural issues
      • Send to Lena Etuk for archival with: Title, Author Name, Abstract, 4 Keywords, Geography, Relation to Oregon Explorer Portals
      • Or archive them yourself
  • Submit organization names to “Local Resources”
add your organizational resource
Add your organizational resource

Send Lena Etuk, at Oregon State University, your organization’s web address and a short description


Congratulations, you have completed the online tutorial for the OR Rural Communities Explorer!Now you’re ready to explore Oregon’s communities!