The Oregon Trail
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The Oregon Trail. You will be collecting information about the Oregon Trail using a series of websites. Using the internet, you will discover many interesting facts about this long and dangerous journey. The information you gather will be placed on a separate sheet of paper. HAVE FUN !!.

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The oregon trail

The route
The Route using a series of websites.

Using the trail map on the next slide, answer the following questions:

1) Where did the trail start?

2) Where did it end?

3) Name 5 places the pioneers passed through:






Supplies using a series of websites.

4) How much did it cost to outfit a wagon?

5) List food, supplies, clothing and bedding, guns and trading goods that pioneers needed to bring for their journey.

6) What did people eat on the trip?

How did they travel
How Did They Travel? using a series of websites.

See the next slide for an image of the “prairie schooner”

How to Draw an Oregon Trail Wagon

The pioneers on the Oregon Trail traveled in a covered wagon.

7) Why was the wagon covered?

8) What is another name for the wagon?

9) The wagon weighed 1200 - 1500 lbs. empty and was pulled by a team of 2 to 4 _______.

10) Draw a picture of the wagon and label four parts.

The wagon train
The Wagon Train using a series of websites.

11) What was a wagon train?

12) What did they do with the wagons at night?

13) Why was this done?

14) What was the leader of the caravan called?

15) Many scouts that guided the trains had been _______ or ________.

16) Who was a famous scout on the Oregon Trail?

Hardships and dangers
Hardships and Dangers using a series of websites.

17) Many things could go wrong during the journey. Make a list of 15 things that could happen.

Crossing rivers and mountains
Crossing Rivers and Mountains using a series of websites.

18) How would wagons cross shallow rivers and creeks?

19) If the water was deeper, how did the wagons get across?

20) How long would it take for a wagon train to cross a river?

Life on the trail
Life on the Trail using a series of websites.

21) What was a typical day like?

22) How far did they travel every day?

23) What did the children do all day?

24) What chores were children responsible for on the trail?

25) How was the ride in the wagon?

26) Where did you sleep? What happened if it rained?

27) What did you do for clothing?

The oregon trail
Fire using a series of websites.

28) What did they use to make a fire?

29) How did the pioneers make their fires?

Pioneer tools
Pioneer Tools using a series of websites.

30) Explain the form/function of the following tools

a) Corn seeder

b) Fro

c) Auger

d) Draw knife

e) Grinding stone

f) Two person saw

The oregon trail
Fun using a series of websites.

31) What was a bullroarer?

  • What was a whimmydiddle?

  • What was a buzzsaw?

  • What is a mountain bolo?

Pioneer food
Pioneer Food using a series of websites.

35) What food did pioneers eat some variety of at almost every meal?

36) Choose a recipe from one of the websites that interest you. Write the name of the dish and why you selected it. Would you/could you make this meal for your family?

Music using a series of websites.

37) Which song is your favorite? Why?

38) What does this song make you think of?

The whitmans
The Whitmans using a series of websites.

Unusual Honeymoon

  • What did Narcissa Whitman and her husband do?

  • What does this tell us about the journey on the Oregon Trail?

Glossary using a series of websites.

41) Find the meanings of:

  • Conestoga

  • Fording

  • Pelt

  • Stockade

  • Westward Expansion

  • Prairie Schooner

Abc challenge
ABC Challenge using a series of websites.

42) Create a list of words (one for each letter of the alphabet) related to the Oregon trail

For example - A - axle on the wagon

More information about the oregon trail
More Information using a series of websites.about the Oregon Trail

A $100 drink of water? A cow that started a war? Fun stories about the Oregon Trail