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CAS library’ Resources & Services

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CAS library’ Resources & Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CAS library’ Resources & Services. Department of subject reference services [email protected] Contents. Brief introduction of : CAS library E-resources and service available Reference manage tools ( endnote ). CAS. CAS is the largest research & degree granting organization in China

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cas library resources services

CAS library’ Resources & Services

Department of subject reference services

[email protected]


Brief introduction of :

  • CAS library
  • E-resources and service available
  • Reference manage tools(endnote )
  • CAS is the largest research & degree granting organization in China

-- Consisting more than 100 scientific research institutes

-- There are more than 40,000 scientists and 30,000 graduate students in CAS

cas library




CAS library
  • CAS libraryis a large Science Library System
  • Now including a main library (Beijing) as well as three branch libraries(locates in Lanzhou,Chengdu and Wuhan,respectively),
cas library1
CAS library

How can we serve so many people all over the country?

--We have established a digital library, Chinese National Science Digital Library, we just call it CSDL. Thus, no matter where the users are, we can provide our library services through internet.

--library website :

  • Database – IP of CAS
  • What databases can UCAS access?
It looks like google, you know, every one like google,

we want user have the same feeling to search our library

Just as google.

find a book
Find a book
  • if you want to find a book. Type the keyword you are interested in. Such as “biomems”, You will search the book with the “biomems” in the title, if the book is a e-book, you will find a “green” light before the title. You will read and download the e-book directly.
main library collections
Main Library Collections

Main Library collections

find an article
Find an article
  • type the keyword, such as “nanometrology”
  • Green light in the front of the title means this article fulltext can be accessed directly. Ok, click “直接获取全文”, read and download the fulltext.
find a journal
Find a journal

Find Journal is also frequently used by users. Maybe you will wonder how many journal you can search from?

If you want find the journal about “energy”, you can get all journals including “energy” in their title.

You will see also there are different color lights before the titles.

green: e-journal or OA journal and will be accessed

Blue, purple and yellewlights means our center

do not buy, so we need go to CAS library copy

document or apply the service of “document delivery”.

how to get a user account
How to get a user account?;jsessionid=B422330E0DB9A6C02F84A68AADAEE194

  • Visit
  • Use you email of UCAS
  • 10 yuan will be added to you account
  • Question?
  • 张杰龙,
  • 电话: 69671936,
  • E-mail:[email protected]
find a database
Find a database
  • If you want to launch some specific database to search information. Just type any database you are interested in.
User account+Password

To access

Abstract database

User account+Password+Ekey

To access

Fulltext database

ask a librarian1
Ask a librarian
  • If you have any question, “ask librarian” will connect you to the “digital reference desk”, if you want to get the answer quickly, please use the online chat, you can chat with reference librarian and ask your question. We will provide 12 hours online chat reference service a day, from 9 AM to 9 PM, by our reference team.
Ask a librarian

The online reference area, you can use it as easily as using such instant messagers as MSN, QQ,etc.

resources and services introduction handbook www las ac cn zhinan
Resources and Services Introduction
Profile of our library resources and services
  • Is there somethings interesting?
  • Anymore question, please let me know, keep cotact at your convinience.