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Presented by Tracey E. Hall CAST
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  1. Abstract: Central to Universal Design for Learning (ULD) is flexibility. Based on the principles of UDL, this session will investigate ways in which educators may meet the varied needs of students by introducing flexible instructional materials, techniques and strategies. Universal Design for Learning provides a framework for implementing instructional curricula that accommodate learner differences. This presentation will describe the principles of UDL and investigate ways in which educators may meet the varied needs of students by introducing flexible instructional materials, techniques and strategies. Illustrations and examples of the UDL principles through CAST projects and tools will be shown and applications to the varied content areas. This work is guided by CAST’s UDL guidelines, which support the development of instructional goals, assessments materials and methods.

  2. UDL in Literature Instruction and Progress Monitoring: Raising Middle School Reading Scores SUCCESSFUL LEARNING CONFERENCE 2011Sydney, Australia Presented by Tracey E. Hall CAST

  3. “I’m not a great reader, I would just hold the book and fall asleep.”

  4. Student Perceptions “When you have kids that can’t read well, they don’t…”

  5. “We read the entire book out loud in class, because otherwise we really can't expect the kids to get it”

  6. “I can remember sitting at my desk at home and listening to one student read and was just so taken by the fact that there was so much further that she needed to go.”

  7. Experimental Study Results Research questions • Is the implementation of Strategic Reader with Online CBM more efficient and effective for teachers and students than a more traditional off-line implementation of CBM when using a UDL reading environment? • Is the technology-based approach to monitor student performance in reading more effective in improving student performance on standards-based measures of reading comprehension?

  8. Gates-MacGinitieAll Participating Students, Change in Scores

  9. Gates-MacGinitie

  10. Teacher usage Teacher use of PM Data and Program Supports

  11. Universal Design for Learning

  12. Digital Reading Environment Forums Progress Monitoring

  13. Thinking Reader Progress Monitoring

  14. Reciprocal Teaching Strategies

  15. Teacher View of Student’s Work

  16. Forums-Communities of Practice

  17. Teacher: “[Discussion Forum was the] most exciting part of project for them. They feel empowered by that. They can have a conversation without all eyes on them. They can make responses without feeling like they might make a mistake. They feel relieved to not have to speak in whole class…I made a point of not using it, because I wanted it to be theirs for the first time. I read to make sure it was appropriate but didn’t respond to their responses or post new topics.”

  18. The Teacher is the Innovator How teachers creatively use technology to spark interactive and meaningful learning is the innovation.

  19. Progress Monitoring Traditional Progress Monitoring: • labor-intensive • administration • scoring • graphing • analyzing data • decision-making

  20. Progress Monitoring - Reducing barriers for teachers & students

  21. Gates-MacGinitie

  22. Use of data from Progress Monitoring New Support programs Forum use Strategic Reader Video assessment RTS across content areas Customization to meet needs Unexpected Outcomes

  23. Universal Design for Learning

  24. The Project Monitor Strategic Reader project is dedicated to our programmer, Erik Ray, a wonderful, creative, and hardworking friend and co-worker whose kindness and quirky style will be truly missed