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By: Terra Hall. Servius Tullius. 578-535 B.C. How he Came to Throne. Servius Tullius was said to be the son of a slave in a royal household, the Queen of Tarquinius Priscus adopted him and raised him like a son.

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by terra hall
By: Terra Hall

Servius Tullius

578-535 B.C.


How he Came to Throne

Servius Tullius was said to be the son of a slave in a royal household, the Queen of Tarquinius Priscus adopted him and raised him like a son.

The previous king Tarquinius Priscus lay dying and his wife told Servius to assume the role of king.

This was because he proved a worthy successor to the first Tarquin.

This opportunity allowed Servius to secure his position as ruler before the king was dead.


Started and organized class structure.

The classes depended on how much armor each man could afford.

Servius gave the wealthier more political power.

Only the wealthy classes could vote and every man had to register his class

He was given credit for building many different buildings like: the Servian wall, the temple to Diana on the Aventine hill.

servian wall

Servius enlarged the city and enclosed the seven hills within a single wall.

He also made a treaty with the Latins

He solidified his status with a victory in war against Veii.

He organized the Roman society, and he ordered the first census.

What he added to the Roman Culture

Servius Tullius was a respected king

Servius knew the 2 true sons of Tarquins had some say in the claim for the throne.

He saw this problem early on so he married his two daughters to the 2 true sons of Tarquin Priscus; their names were Arruns and Tarquin.

Arruns married the older Tullia who later died and Tarquin married the other Tullia.



Once Tullia and Tarquin were married they began to conspire about how they could overthrow the king Servius.

They began this by winning the support of the noble families of Rome, often bribing them with gifts.

Tullia constantly nagged her husband to act now and not to wait until her father died.

So one day Tarquin went into the Senate and summoned all the senators to convene the senate.

Tarquin persuaded them into doing this because he reminded them of how he became king in the first place.

death continued
Death Continued

Even though some did not approve, they knew that Servius was doomed.

Tarquin sent Tullia home in a chariot because it was too dangerous for her to be at the Senate

While this was going on, Servius appeared at the back and Tarquin picked him up and threw him into the street, and he was killed by two of Tarquins men.

On Tullia’s way home she drove over her father’s dead body.

The death resulted in Tarquin the Proud becoming the new king.

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