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UC Berkeley’s CS 10 The Beauty and Joy of Computing. UC Online Pilot. Grant Winner. Passed 1 st round!. Award Winner. 2009Fa : 16 students (half course) 2010Fa : 90 students (full course) 2011Sp : 120 students (full course). Status…. inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs10/.

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  1. UC Berkeley’s CS 10The Beauty and Joy of Computing UC Online Pilot Grant Winner Passed 1st round! AwardWinner 2009Fa : 16 students (half course) 2010Fa : 90 students (full course) 2011Sp: 120 students (full course) Status… inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs10/

  2. 5 Pilots chosen by CollegeBoard, map

  3. 5 Pilots : Comparison

  4. The “Passion, Beauty, Joy, Awe” theme • Grady Booch @ SIGCSE 2007 • Need to articulate, emphasize the “wonder and awe” of computing • PBJA1 session @ SIGCSE 2008 • Andrew McGettrick, moderator • Dan Garcia (2 others) • PBJA2 session @ SIGCSE 2009 • Dan Garcia, moderator • 4 others shared vision • PBJA3 session @ SIGCSE 2010 • Dan Garcia, moderator • 4 others will share vision • Rebooting Computing Summit • “Magic & Beauty of CS” Grady Booch @ SIGCSE 2007

  5. comes around the corner

  6. BYOB adds functions, generic lists, l • BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks) • developed by Jens Mönig w/design input and documentation from Brian Harvey & others @ Cal • Leverages awesomeness of Scratch (design, simplicity, multi-media, community of users) • Adds just enough so that Scratch can be used in CS0 and CS1 Building a For Loop and calling it. Can you do this in your language?

  7. Summary: design constraints of CS10 • UC Berkeley’s first course for majors (CS61A)expects programming experiencen& recursion • CS10 hits that in week 5, the same time as the old course • What should ugrads know about computing? • History, CS+X, apps that changed the world, hot research • Computing is really fun, de-mystification • Passion, Beauty, Joy & Awe • Take every step to make attractive to women, URM • Let them choose projects and paper relevant to them! • Make all resources free, available (Berkeley way) • Videos, notes, exercises, clickers, book!

  8. Discussion : Out with CS3L, In with CS10 • CS10 (new course) • Programming ½ story • Big ideas, HowStuffWorks, history, great applications, social implications too! • Prog Ideas: Recursion, Functions-as-data • Scratch • CS10,61[ABC] each in a different language • Graphical, interactive, musical by week 2 • Share and upload code! • Two projects + essay • CS3L (old course) • Programming, programming, programming • Prog Ideas: Recursion, Functions-as-data • Scheme + Same as CS61A – some take CS3L for wrong reason • Never remix code • Maybe graphical, interactive by week 15 • 1 big Final project

  9. Format & Textbooks • Format (7 hrs/wk * 14 wks) • Two 1-hr lectures / wk • Two 2-hr labs / wk • Pair programming!! • One 1-hr TA discussion / wk • Selected Reading • Taken from great book (“Blown to Bits” by Abelson, Ledeen & Lewis) + articles + videos • Current events play a big part (e.g., IBM’s Watson vs Jeopardy) • Our course notes may make it into an e-textbook …

  10. Peer Instruction in Lecture • Increase real-time learning in lecture, test understanding of concepts vs. details • Improves interactivity greatly! • Ask multiple choice question • 1-2 minutes to decide • 2 minutes in pairs/triples to reach consensus. Teach others! • 2 minute discussion of answers, questions, clarifications

  11. CS10 curriculum leads • Dan Garcia • Lecturer SOE • Luke Segars • TA, Grad Student • Brian Harvey • Lecturer SOE • Colleen Lewis • TA, Grad Student …many others @ Cal!

  12. High School Collaborators • Ray Pedersen • Albany HS • Eugene Lemon • Ralph Bunche HS • Josh Paley • Gunn HS

  13. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gUW_mEulx0 CS 10 YouTube Testimonial • Justin Barnes (L) & Ian Birnam (R) • Ian: “The class itself was amazing … I had a really fun time … Building our own projects was great … The lectures were really interesting … I never really got into computing but because of this class now I’m really interested in computing and being a possible CS major. … Anyone even remotely interested in computers should take it!” • Justin: “The class is incredibly engaging. The atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve ever taken here. I would recommend it to any friend. I’m a senior, but honestly, if I had taken this class earlier, I would have considered CS as a major.”

  14. 45% Women, ~60% of top 22 students!

  15. Summary • “It's a great way to think and expand your mind as well as important and interesting information to know--not to mention that our guest speakers, professors, and department in general here at Berkeley are all outstanding. “ • “It is an excellent introduction to the basic concepts of computer science, and the programing language is easy to learn and understand.” • “even as a non-major i would highly recommend it to those who want to learn about computing” • CS10 is complete, available for others • Fall 2010 archive • Spring 2011 w/updates • Tiffany Barnes @ UNCC using it for her pilot • Google will soon host the entire thing • We’re working with UC Online project • “Does it scale?” … yes!

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