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Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Are you looking to give a new look to your homes, restaurants, bars Floor a Hardwood Refinishing. Fabulous floors provide years of maintenance-free beauty, yet they are relatively cheap and easy to restore. For more details visit us.<br><br><br>http://fabulousfloorscleveland.com/<br><br>

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Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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  1. Cleveland Hardwood Floor-Refinishing

  2. About Fabulous Floors… With over 20 years of business experience, Fabulous Floors Cleveland has installed, refinished and repaired residential and commercial hardwood floors. Our installation and refinishing professionals are all highly experienced and motivated employees.

  3. Why to use Fabulous Floors? 1. Saves money. It’ll cost you much less than traditional refinishing. 2.Time saving. Most Fabulous Floors ® treatments can be done in a few hours. 3. Final finish is long-lasting polyurethane. Choice of gloss, semi-gloss or satin. 4. Properly sealed hardwood floors withstand heavy traffic, make cleaning easier and harbor fewer dust allergens. • You’ll never have to live with worn hardwood floors again! 6. For a small fee, we’ll even move your furniture for you!

  4. Hardwood Floor Refinishing We scrape bonded pads such as carpet by hand with a putty knife. We take care to follow the grain of the wood and to not gouge as we scrape. We use a chemical solvent can to speed the process and we remove the left over carpet staples with a needle nose pliers.

  5. Our dustless sanding process ensures that a minimal amount of dust is created as we prepare your floors for staining. We start sanding with the coarsest grit of sandpaper and perform three passes, using a finer grit each time.

  6. After selecting a stain matching your taste, we apply the stain in a circular motion and we apply evenly to avoid any color inconsistencies. If after the first application the stain is too light, we repeat until the desired color is attained.

  7. We apply the polyurethane using a mop like tool or a Padco pad applicator. Once the recommended drying time has elapsed we repeat the above process twice more, making three coats of polyurethane in all.

  8. Contact us for services on… Fabulous Floors ClevelandBrian Radesic, Owner16348 Drake Rd.Strongsville, Ohio  44136Office:  440-823-1414 Email: Bradesic.1@netzero.com

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