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Floor Refinishing Chicago PowerPoint Presentation
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Floor Refinishing Chicago

Floor Refinishing Chicago

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Floor Refinishing Chicago

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  1. HARDWOOD FLOOR REFINISHING CHICAGO You’ve determined that your hardwood floors are in good shape but the finishing needs to be redone. You can do it yourself or you can hire a professional. (If you’re dealing with engineered wood, call a professional engineered wood consists of several wood layers that are easy to damage. (me, for instance) as If you’ve chosen to hire a professional, give me a call now at 847-350- 7710 for your free, no strings attached, estimate: I offer quality at affordable prices.

  2. HARDWOOD FLOOR INSTALLATION CHICAGO We have been installing all kinds of hardwood floors for over 20 years. By all kinds, I mean: Brazillian cherry, oak, pine, maple, walnut, with inlays, without inlays, thin, wide, parquet and more.

  3. FLOOR REFINISHING CHICAGO Need new tiles installed? Whether it’s ceramic, vinyl, porcelain or marble tiles, you want the installation to be professionally done and affordable, correct? And you’d rather the installer not take too long or leave a mess, right? If that’s true, call me. I provide quality yet affordable tile installation throughout the Chicago area.

  4. FLOORING COMPANIES CHICAGO Laminate Floor Installation Like with hardwood floors, you can install laminate floors yourself or hire someone else to do it. If you want your floors to last a long time, you hire a professional who takes pride in their work, you hire me. If you want laminate floors that look good for a long time but don’t want to pay a lot, you call me.

  5. Hardwood Floor Refinishing Chicago