hardwood floor maintenance n.
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Hardwood floor maintenance PowerPoint Presentation
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Hardwood floor maintenance

Hardwood floor maintenance

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Hardwood floor maintenance

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  1. Hardwood Floor Maintenance

  2. 5 important choices to be made in regard to hardwood flooring in UK. Hardwood flooring in UK is always a good choice. However, there are a number of other choices you’ll have to make to ensure you end-up with the flooring you have in mind. This article will highlight 5 of these choices and help you get them right so end-up with amazing looking hardwood flooring.

  3. 1. Engineered or solid hardwood flooring? • The first choice you’ll have to make is between solid & Hardwood flooring in UK. On one hand, solid floors are the real hardwood floors as they are made from 100% natural wood. Engineered floors consist of only a top layer of real wood with the rest of the layers being made from ply. On the price front, solid floors will cost you much more than engineered floors. Engineered floors also have the edge when it comes to ease of installation, durability and stability. By the virtue of their construct, engineered floors will also handle temperature and weather changes better than solid floors.

  4. 2. Thickness of top level, if you choose engineered floors. The next choice you’ll have to make, if you choice engineered floors, is the thickness of your top layer. Thicker tops layers mean you can re-sand them more and keep them looking like new for longer. However, the thicker the top layer, the more expensive the flooring. You’ll have to make a choice based on your preference between cost-savings and shelf-life.

  5. 3. Aesthetic choices. Once you choose between solid & engineered Hardwood flooring in UK, you’ll have to decide on make a number of decisions on the aesthetic front. Firstly, you’ll have to choose a type of wood, oak is one of most common, but you can also choose from pine, bamboo, walnut, etc. Then you’ll have to choose from finishes, wood colors, grain, plank sizes, etc. Each variable will influence the cost and appearance of the flooring so choose wisely.

  6. 4. Whether or not to get acoustic underlay. Some homeowners are very confused. They don’t know if they should spend a little extra and have underlay installed. Well, we think it’s worth it – besides sound insulation, an underlay will also improve heat insulation, reduce dust and allergens from circulation and improve the underfoot comfort making each step much more comfortable.

  7. 5. Choice of service providers for hardwood flooring in UK. Lastly, you’ll have to choose your service provider. Here there are numerous things to keep in mind. Do you want separate sourcing, fitting and maintenance companies or do you want an all-in-one package. Opting for a bundled package could help you leverage a lower price or you could save by having the materials sourced and then fitting them yourself. Always look for companies that provide free estimates and don’t finalize without warranty. These were some of the important choices you will have to make when you opt to install Engineered hardwood floors.We hope this article will help you make the right decisions, all the best and good luck!

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