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Hittites Civilization PowerPoint Presentation
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Hittites Civilization

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Hittites Civilization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hittites Civilization. B y : Naz Garcia , Matt Norman , Mia Trammel. Hittites Location. Present Day Turkey/ Asia Minor. Located On the Bend of the Mediterranean. Hittite Government. They Are Thought to have the first constitutional monarchy.

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Hittites Civilization

By:Naz Garcia, Matt Norman, Mia Trammel


Hittites Location

  • Present Day Turkey/ Asia Minor.
  • Located On the Bend of the Mediterranean.

Hittite Government

  • They Are Thought to have the first constitutional monarchy.
  • Made huge advances in Legislation and Justice, and made the Hittite Law.

Notable Rulers

  • The Hittites Had no real notable Rulers, the ones we found however are, Tudhaliya I, Suppiluliuma, Mursili II.
  • Suppiluliuma by far did the most campaigning of the Hittites he took control over all over northern Syria.

Hittite Military

  • Suppiluliumas king of Hittites, conquered Mitanni Vassel states of Aleppo, Alalakh, Nuhashshe, and Tunip, All of Northern Syria was under there control.
  • Allied with Persia, and Egypt.
  • Hittites were masters of strategy and tried to set up battles in locations to their advantage.

Egyptian-Hittite war (Battle of Kadesh), was the first world war. 70,000 – 100,000 troops faced off in a battle lasting 2 days, Egyptians claimed victory, even though it was a close fight.


Major Contributions

  • Tilled Anatolian soil, produced wheat, barley, and extracted ores.
  • Mostly Political, they conquered and didn’t just killed everyone, the Hittites were a well organized civilization.

Left is Wheat, Right is Bronze Ore, Down is Barley.

Hittites were the first to extract ore and form metal tools and weapons.


Hittite Religon

  • The Hittites adopted many of the gods of the Sumerians and Old Babylonians. The odd thing about the Hittites, though, is that they seemed to have recognized that all gods as legitimate gods.
  • The Hittites took the Gods from conquered lands and added them to their own.
  • Some Gods
  • Halki -Deity of grain
  • Anu (Anus) – God of sky
  • Haddad – Storm and rain god

Hittites Timeline

4000 B.C Hittites Settle near Cappadocia.

1700 – 1250 B.C Troy VI Started the Bronze age at the site of the Trojan War.

1595 B.C Hittites form an army and capture Babylon.

1450 – 1300 B.C Hittite Culture reached its high, Controlled Turkey and Palestine.

1350 B.C Hittite soldiers caught small pox from Egyptian prisoners in a Egyptian-Hittite War.

1286 B.C Hittites fight off the Egyptian invasions.

1185 B.C The Hittite empire fell to the “sea people” who came from the west and who are unknown.

900 – 840 B.C Assyrians conquered what used to be Hittite territory