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Reaching the 95\% not served by traditional ATs

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Reaching the 95\% not served by traditional ATs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reaching the 95\% not served by traditional ATs. Today’s Agenda. Overview of Ai Squared II. The Problem sitecues addresses Our s olution – live demo What makes sitecues different - quick overview Business benefits – quick overview Getting Started - Implementation Options

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Reaching the 95\% not served by traditional ATs' - eytan

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Presentation Transcript
Today’s Agenda
  • Overview of Ai Squared
  • II. The Problem sitecues addresses
  • Our solution – live demo
  • What makes sitecues different - quick overview
  • Business benefits – quick overview
  • Getting Started - Implementation Options
  • If time permits or in future
  • Back end – architecture, technology & implementation
  • Next steps
Industry leader for Accessibility and Usability

Founded in 1987

Based in Manchester Center, VT & Cambridge, MA

Flagship products: The ZoomText Product Family

World’s best selling computer screen magnification and reading software

ZoomText is recommended by more vision rehabilitation centers than any other vision enhancement software

Localized for 23 languages*

Sold in 40+ countries

Dominant market share: typically a 80% market share where ever ZT is sold

Sold through 300+ worldwide dealers

* US English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English UK,, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Portugal, Portuguese Brazil, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Spanish. Coming soon: Arabic, Korean, Romanian.

ZoomText Family of Products

Electronic Desktop Solutions

Tools that provide screen reading and magnification to assist those with visual difficulties or for people with learning disabilities, visual difficulties, English as a second language, and the boomer population.

ZoomText Magnifier & Magnifier/Reader

ZoomText Mac (New in 2013)

ZoomText Large Print Keyboard

Print Solutions

Image Reader – Capture magnify & speak printed materials on computer

I-Loview -Portable handheld electronic magnifier

Mobile Solutions

ZoomReader - iPhone and IPadapp that captures, magnifies and speaks printed materials using OCR technology.

ZoomContact - Accessible address book app for iPhones

Website Solutions – Go beyond compliance w/ zoom & speech built right into your site

Sitecues - ZoomText-like assistive technology built right into websites

ZoomText PC (Magnifier & Reader)

ZoomText is the world's leading magnification and screen reading software for the visually impaired and helps countless individuals across the globe. ZoomText is currently the only AT software supporting Windows 8.

Features & Benefits


Features include – xFont smoothing, Flexible magnification, Zoom Windows, Focus Enhancements, Color Enhancements, Dual Monitor Support, Enhanced Web Finder, customizable configurations, and many more.

Reader Features (Neo Speech offering human-sounding male and female voices)

Automatic Document Reading - ZoomText’s AppReader automatically reads documents, web pages and email within the parent application

ZT Recorder - allows you to turn text from documents, webpages, email, etc. into audio recordings that you can transfer to on your mobile device.

Background Reader - allows you to listen to documents, webpages, email, etc. while you simultaneously perform other tasks

ZoomText Camera

ZoomText Camera feature allows you to use any high-definition (HD) webcam to view and magnify printed items and other objects right on your computer screen—including bills, magazines, photographs, medicine labels, craft items and more.


$399 - $599 for single user license

ZoomText Mac (Magnifier & Reader)

What is ZoomText Mac?

ZoomText Mac is a magnification solution for the Mac operation system, providing clear magnification up to 36x, as well as screen enhancements such as Color, Pointer, Cursor, and Focus. It will track all on-screen

The WebReadercan now be downloaded as a Beta demo from our website

Features & Benefits

Magnification up to 36x

Font Smoothing w/ Image sharpening

Improved font smoothing over built in Zoom

Will even make magnified images look better!

Screen Enhancements

Tracking Support


New Users = $299, Existing ZT customers = $149

ZoomText Image Reader

What is ImageReader?

A software and camera solution that allows visually impaired users to capture and read printed text, including books, magazines business documents and more.

Features & Benefits

Fast capture and accurate OCR processing

High definition USB document camera

Tactile document position mat

Copy, save and share captured images and text

Compatible with all ATs

Lightweight, compact and portable


ImageReader w/ Small Camera $749

ImageReader w/ Large Camera $849

ZoomText – Solutions
  • Single User
    • Stand alone (CD, downloaded)
    • USB
  • Multi-User Licenses
    • A server managed Network License allows an organization to “share” a number of copies across their entire network accommodating anyone that would benefit from Zoom and Speech on their workstation.
    • Workstation based – A District License offers value in purchasing multiple single installation copies in an organization
  • Enterprise
    • Organizations may “lease” ZT to enable every workstation within the organization with the most up to date version of the software.
    • Annual Fee, min. quantity requirements, 3 Year term
  • Check In Check Out - NEW
    • Licenses can be checked out for a period of time determined by the system administrator
    • Organizations can assign a copy of ZoomText to an individual for a period of time (day, week, quarter, semester, school year, etc.). When the term expires, the license returns to the organizations pool of available licenses to be redeployed.
  • API
    • Build ZT functionality right into a software application to make it more accessible and usable to individuals with visual disabilities.
Started in May 2011 – Launch 3rd Qtr 2013

Beta Partners: Comcast, Scotia Bank, CNIB, Stanford, Cal State, Media Corp Canada

Strategy Team:

Aaron Leventhal, Product Manager – accessibility architect, IBM, Firefox, ARIA, Braille publishing

Jeff Bigham, Ph.D., Chief Architect – computer science professor, HCI/AI expertise Developed on-demand screen reader WebAnywhere, crowd sourced assistant VizWiz

Mike Paciello, Founder TPG – international leader, technologist, lecturer and visionary in emerging tech, usability, technical and legal standards, accessibility

David Wu, CEO Ai2 – 20+ year track record of developing tech-based entrepreneurial ventures from concept to profitability.Raised $750M & achieved liquidity of $4.5 billion

Thomas Kenney, VP of Engineering – experienced SaaS lead, B2B/B2C solutions

Marc Zablatsky,VP/General Manager – accomplished businesses and brands builder

Total team: 11 full time -- 7 Engineers, 4 Sales & Marketing

Today’s AT On-Ramp

In an ideal world, a digital on-rampis built for anyone who needs it.

  • The ramp is built with:
  • Accessibility checklists
  • Testing
  • Process changes
  • Design standards
  • Engineering standards
The AT Barrier

So who benefits?

  • Savvy
  • Working-age adults
  • Diagnosed with clear disabilities
  • Who use AT
  • (500K US)
11M Low Vision

Reaching the other 95% and Beyond

Who’s Left Out?

Simple, discoverable AT built right into websites

  • 31M
  • Dyslexia
  • 40M
  • Low literacy
  • 47M
  • Non-native speakers
  • 110MBaby Boomers,Seniors —Gradual Sensory Loss

U.S. Statistics

Design Vision
  • Seamless – just a site feature
  • Instant gratification – no download
  • Free for end-user
  • Designed for the web
  • No manual, jargon, disability labels
  • Universal design
  • User-centered design

Less is More

Reinventing Magnification

“See it better”

“Talk to me”

Smart Zoom/ Zoom Slider

Zoom page contents

Focus Enhancement



Highlight area under the mouse


Caret enhancements


Make it much easier to edit texxt

Auto Panning


Enhance pointer



Strengthening of enhancements

as zoom level increases


A Better Web Zoom
  • At 4x, seeing only 1/16
  • Finding and reading is like mowing a lawn
  • Our solution is called One-Touch Read – zoom in more on area of interest
    • Reduced panning and scrolling – rewrap text
    • Reduced magnification level for page zoom
    • Contextual Reading
One-Touch Read with Speech Off
  • Point to content
  • Press Spacebar
One-Touch Read with Speech On
  • Point to content
  • Press Spacebar



What Makes sitecues Backend Different?
  • Secure Text to Speech – can be on every page
    • Could not have secure TTS without a scalable backend
    • Follow PCI best practice standards to protect PII
  • No Download Required – appears as a site feature
  • Cross Browser
  • Metrics
    • Game changer
  • Turn-key Solution – easy integration
    • One script tag implementation
  • Automatic Updates – SaaS Solution
Organizations who want to:
  • Better serve their existing customers (Boomers, Seniors)
    • more pages views, completed transactions, filled out forms
    • increased customer loyalty
  • Reach more users with disabilities
    • - turn accessibility into competitive advantage
  • Get an ROI for their accessibility efforts
  • Get metrics to understand this market and move the needle
  • Reduce the cost of customer service
  • Reduce the cost to develop and maintain compliant websites

Who benefits from sitecues?

Architecture and Technology
  • JavaScript, no-install delivery
  • One script tag implementation
  • Delivery from Amazon Web Services
  • All enhancements occur in the local browser
    • No need to deliver or alter local browser’s content
  • JavaScript libraries minimized and obfuscated
  • Whitelist access vs. blacklist access
    • Empower our partners, not hinder them
Architecture and Technology
  • Scalability
  • Implemented EC2 on Amazon
    • Easily scale based on load
  • CloudFront content delivery network
    • Provides fast, last mile delivery of JS libraries
  • NoSQL databases for fast data access
    • Settings and activity metrics
    • Secured SSH access to data
    • SSL-only web based access to metrics dashboard
Architecture and Technology
  • Security
  • Flexible SaaS platform
    • Scalable and redundant
    • HTTP and HTTP/S delivery
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services
    • Secure firewall protections
    • Key-based SSH access to servers
  • Automated patching and updating
    • Third party monitoring by Qualys
  • Third Party Data Sharing
  • No sharing of data
  • Activity logging in back-end for metrics only
Architecture and Technology
  • Sensitive Information
  • Follow PCI best practice standards
  • Data secure in transit and at rest
    • No PII stored in AWS or local, including TTS
    • HTTP/S traversal for anything considered PII
  • Text-to-Speech persistence
    • Low time-to-live
    • All memory based
Architecture and Technology
  • Environments
  • Separate environments with individual ACLs
    • Production
    • Staging / Testing
    • Development
  • Customers can self-host JavaScript libraries
    • Linked to live production version on Equinox’s content delivery network
Architecture and Technology
  • Compatibility
  • Chrome 16+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 4+
  • Firefox 10+
  • Windows and OS X

For more details, see sitecues SaaS: Technical Specifications

Getting Started (right sized to your needs)

On every page of your website or on selectsections

Public and / or Private

External Facing and / or Internal Facing

Numerous Licensing Options

We are flexible to your internal requirements

Implementation – what it could look like

Identify websites to include (scale and scope)

Define implementation success

Create multivariate tests to measure and optimize impact

Implement the JavaScript Tag into the multivariate tests

Feedback loop to Beta / Release

We are flexible to your internal requirements

For more details, see sitecues™ SaaS: Technical Specifications