Evolution of fashion
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Evolution of Fashion. The meanings behind various types of clothing . Changes. Media influence . Through the years. In different countries. Fashion. Different age groups. What does it represent?. How far is too far for fashion?. Function/ Purpose. Fitting in. Identity .

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Evolution of fashion

Evolution of Fashion

The meanings behind various types of clothing.

Evolution of fashion


Media influence

Through the years

In different countries


Different age groups

What does it represent?

How far is too far for fashion?

Function/ Purpose

Fitting in


Evolution of fashion
To the fascists of fashion, fat and skinny are just the same; Are you thinking what she's thinking?By: Regina Lavelles

  • With rising obsession in following fashion trends, comes a rise in negative self images and low self-esteem.

  • New trends in fashion are leaning towards an appreciation and acceptation of curvier women.

  • With this change in what the ideal body image looks like, are we really revolutionizing fashion? Or just feeding the fire?

  • Fashion is “manipulative” and sucks us all into its master plan of conformity

Quotes from the reading
Quotes from the reading: same; Are you thinking what she's thinking?

  • “If we are honest, fashion doesn't make most women feel good. It makes us feel inadequate, excluded, miserable and terribly, terribly poor. And yet, in spite of ourselves we want to be part of it.’

Quotes cont
Quotes (cont.) same; Are you thinking what she's thinking?

  • “ Rather than exposing the artifice of fashion – the lengths it demands women go to fit in, the ridiculous fascination with appearance and body shape – this merely enforces it.”

  • “If we talk of curves instead of bones, of boobs instead of ribs, we somehow make the very same kind of judgments palatable to even the most right-on… In championing and cheerleading one particular body shape over another, we’re not starting a revolution. We’re just exchanging one oppressor for another…”

Questions: same; Are you thinking what she's thinking?

  • How do fashion and trends affect how we view our own body image?

  • Are new trends idealizing curvier figures helping the growing epidemic of negative self- images or just fueling the fire?

  • If we are aware of the negative effects of obsessing over fashion, what drives us to continue the cycle?

  • Why is fashion such a popular trend to follow?