choose express care auto center for quality n.
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Take Care of 8 Warning Signs of an Engine Going Bad! PowerPoint Presentation
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Take Care of 8 Warning Signs of an Engine Going Bad!

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Take Care of 8 Warning Signs of an Engine Going Bad! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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if you are noticing any engine problems, Be sure to not neglect the importance of regular engine service. Ask your mechanic for expert advice about the signs of an engine going bad

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choose express care auto center for quality

Choose “Express Care Auto Center”

For Quality Engine Repair Service

Near North Mankato, MN

Visit our Official Auto Shop Website:

Express Care Beyond the Engine Service & Maintenance!

everything you need to know about your vehicle

Everything You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s Engine!

When your vehicle starts to take action up and is

no longer reliable, it can be difficult to identify

exactly where the problem is coming from. You

must know the signs of an engine going bad will

help your auto mechanic know where to look

under the hood to get the problem resolved

quickly and with the minimum amount of


The engine of your vehicle is a complex system and therefore needs regular engine service to

keep it running at optimum power.

Why All Vehicle Owner Choose Us For Engine Repair & Maintenance?

Noticing Any Symptoms of Engine Failure? We are Here to Help!

you must know some warning signs of engine going

You Must Know Some Warning Signs of Engine Going Bad!

 Check Engine Light Enlighten: This dashboard light generally clarifies when noticing any engine

problems. It is judicious to ask your mechanic to run a car diagnostic test to “read the code” that is

being ready by sensor, indicating potential car problems.

Loss of Power: Gas-powered vehicles are considered with an internal combustion engine that

use a four-strike combustion cycle to convert gasoline into power needed to make your vehicle stir.

The Loss of power you are facing could be stemming from an interruption in any one of these 4-

strokes in the ignition process.

Frustrating Noise: Knocking, backfiring, hissing, spitting and popping are noises that can happen

when there is a defect in ignition flow. If you heat strange noises from engine. Schedule an engine

service as soon as possible.

 Uneven Running Engine: If your engine is running or idling rough the fix might be as simple as a

car tune-up. The most common cause of a rough running engine is clogs in the system or old spark

plugs. Other problem could be an incorrect octane in the gasoline or a low battery.

Check it out some more Warning Signs of Engine Failure

Let’s Discuss With Our Engine Experts by Calling on 507-625-8005

get a free consultation with our ase certified

Get a Free Consultation With Our ASE Certified Engine Repair Shop!

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