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School Council’s Library Survey . From Northwick Manor Primary School 2014. What we did. We asked 40 children across the school to complete a survey about reading. Here are some of our findings…. Happy!. Stories. Oh no!. What do you think of when you read the word `reading`?.

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School council s library survey

School Council’s Library Survey

From Northwick Manor Primary School


What we did
What we did

We asked 40 children across the school to complete a survey about reading. Here are some of our findings…



Oh no!

What do you think of when you read the word `reading`?

Fantasy worlds, fairy folk and giants.


My bed!

Mummy chooses books for me.

I read the blurb.

How do you find books you love to read?

I give them a try.

Recommendations from friends.

I don’t like reading.

Do you own a Library card?

We found that from the 40 children that completed the survey, one quarter of them do not own a Library card. If we converted this to the whole school, approximately 150 children do not own a Library card or visit a local Library.

How often do you visit the local Library?


9 8 1


Three times a week.

A short book a week.

Every night.

How often do you read at home?

Twice a day.

2 pages a day!

Not much.

What do you do in the school library?

I read the blurbs of books.

I choose a book.

I read or go on the computer.

I look for promising titles and authors.

I don’t go!

Library club run by year 6.

New books.

What changes would you like to see in our library to encourage more children to read?

Book charts.

Better advertisements of books.

Reading for a prize.

Children do not often go in it because it seems boring moment.

The library does not look appealing

We need some new books

These are the children's thoughts on our Library's appearance

It needs repainting!

How can we make our library look more friendly and welcoming moment.?

  • Paint it and make it brighter

  • Tables and chairs that are just for library use

  • More posters and information about the latest books

  • New books as a lot of the books in the library are quite old

  • Better labelling to help children find books

  • Library timetables for each class or year group

  • Library monitors to keep the Library tidy and to help younger children find books

  • Reduce non-fiction and increase fiction, because a lot of research is done on the Internet

  • KS1 Library moment.

  • The KS1 classes have weekly visits to the Library.

  • In these sessions they choose a book and are then given a coloured bookmark saying whether they can read the book independently, need help or need the book read to them.

  • There are banded books for the more able, younger readers with short chapters in them.

  • There is a large non-fiction section however, the books within the Library are muddled up.

  • The KS1 Library is also an ICT suite.

  • How can we improve this library

  • We can separate the ICT and Library parts by reorganising the furniture.

  • We could have better labelling to help children find books.

  • Library monitors to help sort the books out.

More… moment.

Each month we could have an author in to encourage us to read. We could buy a few new books by that author and put them in the Library.

There could be a competition every term to do with a book, e.g. a piece of artwork or a short amount of writing. Each year group would have a different term to do it in.

Library Club could be held for each Year group every lunchtime. It could be run by Year sixes with an adult on supervision.