Islamic architecture note cards
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Islamic Architecture Note Cards. Nick leshinski. Dome of the Rock 2 s 149. Oldest standing Monument

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Islamic architecture note cards

Dome of the Rock 2s 149

  • Oldest standing Monument

  • Said to be the place Muhammad ascended to heavan

  • Lower story is octagonal

  • Dome is supported by four pillars and 12 columns

  • The dome has 16 windows

Islamic architecture note cards

Dome of the Rock 2Q 149

  • “the earliest existing monument of Moslem architecture stands on the site from which Mohammed is said to have made his night journey to heavan”

Islamic architecture note cards

Mosque 2s 149

  • Great mosques in Iraq had “archlesscolandes”

  • Pillars were taken from buildings made before

  • Hellenistic temples turned into mosques

  • Had tall towers called minarets and walls that enclose the mosque

  • Mosques were the focal point of the islamic brother hood

  • Some mosques were not roofed

  • There was elaborate architecture in the entrances

  • Mirab shows direction of Mecca

  • Minbar – raised desks that holds koran(stairs lead up to it)

Islamic architecture note cards

Mschata 2 2P 150

  • A zigzaging line with rosettes placed symmetrically . There are also intricate floral scrolls in the background

Islamic architecture note cards

Mschata 2 2S 151

  • Square walls enclosed palace

  • Towers in all corners

  • 5 semi circular towers on each wall

Islamic architecture note cards

Ibn 2Tulun Mosque 2S 152

  • Had nomadic influence

  • Made of brick

  • Inside walls was a well

  • Minaret used as a landmark for travelers

  • Fortifications were decorative and not functional

  • Arches were geometrical and sophisticated

Islamic architecture note cards

Alhambra 2S 158

  • Had running water and court yards with shade

  • Used stabctite, a method for ceilings that used multiple successive layers of brick used

  • Used same method for dome and carved patterns in brick

  • Lion fountain in courtyard with running water

Islamic architecture note cards

Bagdad 2S 151

  • Had most influential architecture in Islamic world

  • City made out of 3 round walls

  • In center was palace and mosque

  • Palace had tunnel vaulted walls and green dome

Islamic architecture note cards

Qairawan 2 Tower 2S 150

  • Huge minaret tower on center of wall

  • Land mark indicated shelter for travalers

Islamic architecture note cards

Alhambra 4S 1

  • Built by emirs in Spain

  • Had some Byzantine influence

  • Columns in some chambers

  • Calligraphy featured throughout palace

  • Christians altered it with renaissance style architecture

  • The French destroyed some towers

  • Had stalactite ceilings

  • Had many fountains, streams, and gardens

Islamic architecture note cards

Moorish Architecture 5S 1

  • Great mosque at Cordoba has striking architecture

  • Alhambra built in this style

  • This style has many Arabic inscriptions and arabesque design work

  • Has roots in in Umayyad architecture

Islamic architecture note cards

Ottoman Architecture 5S 1

  • Inspired by Hagia Sofia in Constantinople

  • Most mosques in turkey built in this style

  • Used Byzantinian, Persian, and Syrian design

  • Mastered making large interior spaces by making large domes

  • Used vaults, domes, semi domes, and columns

  • Mosques in this style were bigger than any before

Islamic architecture note cards

Indo- Islamic Architecture 5S 1

  • Famous example: TajMahal

  • TajMahal used inlaid precious stones

  • Buildings were completly symmetrical

  • Shah Jahan’s Sarcophagus in room below main floor

  • Red fort and Agra fort are huge and castle like

Islamic architecture note cards

Fatamid 5 Architecture 5S 1

  • Used Tulunid techniques and materials

  • Decoration of building was large part of ceremonies

  • Made elaborate funerary monuments

Islamic architecture note cards

Azerbaijani Architecture 5S 1

  • Had Nakchivan and Shirvan- Absheron schools of architecture

  • Shirvan- Absheron school used stone in construction

  • Nakchivan school used bricks

  • Shirvan- Absheron used asymmetric paterns carved in stone

Islamic architecture note cards

Elements of Islamic Style 5S 1

  • Minarets-tall towers for prayer

  • Domes

  • Geometric patterns

  • Islamic Calligraphy

  • Central fountains

  • Bright colors