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Note Cards. Sven Phillips. Music:1:S:1. Music has power to influence Cultures can be better understood by listening to their music Muslims thought music is the sound of a friend Music affects the soul Music considered a blessing. Islam and Music:1:S:1-2.

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note cards

Note Cards

Sven Phillips

music 1 s 1
  • Music has power to influence
  • Cultures can be better understood by listening to their music
  • Muslims thought music is the sound of a friend
  • Music affects the soul
  • Music considered a blessing
islam and music 1 s 1 2
Islam and Music:1:S:1-2
  • Chanting of Qur’an perceived as music
  • Not considered music to Muslims
  • Word “music” has limited use in Muslim world
  • In Muslim world, music is very difficult to make out
  • Things that are considered music are written in the Shari’ah
  • Many classifications of allowance in the Shari’ah
non musiqa 1 s 2
  • Chanting is non-musiqa
  • Qira’ah is chanting of sacred text
  • Adhan is the call to prayer (also chanted)
  • Tahil is chanting about the hajj (songs)
  • Madih, na’t, tahmidwhich all deal with prophet (songs)
  • Chanting of poetry
  • Considered music to rest of the world
musiqa legitimate 1 s 3
Musiqa Legitimate:1:S:3
  • Muslims encourage music for family occasions
  • Family Celebration is category of music
  • Occupational music (deals with professions) is category of music
  • Singing while working
  • Military music is category of music
  • Helped to instill courage and perserverence in battle
musiqa and controversial 1 s 3
Musiqa and Controversial:1:S:3
  • Many controversial music categories in Islamic religion
  • Many types of Muslim music that is Islamic is considered a type of classical music
  • Music that was Muslim and has migrated and become something different
musicqa and illegiimate 1 s 3
Musicqa and Illegiimate: 1: S:3
  • -Music that would arouse lower passions was banned
  • -Not all music was banned
  • -The difference of what music is and is not is very complicated
arab music from m e 1 s 6
Arab Music From M.E.:1:S:6
  • -Arab musicians influenced from other lands
  • -Adapted music from conquered lands
  • -To Muslims, Western music is needlessly complicated
musiqa and islam 1 s 4
Musiqa and Islam: 1: S: 4
  • -Legality of music in Islam remains in a haze
  • -Islamic songs that are considered music are almost always about god
musical instruments of arab world 1 s 6
Musical Instruments of Arab World:1:S:6
  • -Oud: like a guitar
  • -Duff: tamborine
  • Durbekkah: Like a drum
  • Rabab: Looks like a banjo, played with a bow
  • Nay: Like a flute
  • Qanun: like a harp
durbekkah 1 s 7
  • Percussion instrument
  • Stretched animal skin creates drum head
  • Hour-glass shaped drum
  • High or low pitch can be made depending on where the drum is struck
qanun 1 s 8
  • Qanun very popular
  • Made of flat-board in shape of trapezoid
  • 72 strings (3 per note)
  • Plucked
  • Like a hand-held piano
duff 1 s 7
  • Framed drum or tambourine
  • Pairs of metal disks in frame
  • Struck with hand
  • Drum and bell sound
nay 1 s 7
  • AKA shepard’s flute
  • Made from open tube of sugar cane
  • 6-7 finger holes
  • Wind instrument
rabab 1 s 7
  • Type of fiddle
  • One or two strings
  • Usually accompanied by a singer
oud 1 s 8
  • Made of inlaid wood
  • 10-12 strings
  • Plucked with a quill
  • Grandfather of guitar
m e melodies 2 s 186
M.E. Melodies:2:S:186
  • Highly intricate
  • Textures include: solo, unison, accompanied and many more
  • Harmony rarely used
  • Features microtones
  • Muslim music relies on melodic modes of maqamat
m e instruments 2 s 186
M.E. Instruments:2:S:186
  • Muslim musicians developed many instruments
  • Islamic music heavily uses string instruments
  • Muslim music also relies on wind instruments
music of islam 3 s
Music of Islam:3:S:
  • Beautiful sound such as chanting are a part of Islam
  • Not considered music though
  • Recitations of Koran sound like music
  • Folk music derived from caravans as well as fishermen and sailors
  • Arab musicians studied music of conquered lands