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Community Transportation Association of Idaho

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Community Transportation Association of Idaho - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Community Transportation Association of Idaho. Supporting, Coordinating and Promoting Mobility in Idaho. Agenda. Who is CTAI? What is Mobility? Why is Mobility Important? What is Happening in Idaho? What is the Value of Local Coordinated Planning? What is the Value of Mobility?

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community transportation association of idaho
Community Transportation Association of Idaho

Supporting, Coordinating and Promoting

Mobility in Idaho

  • Who is CTAI?
  • What is Mobility?
  • Why is Mobility Important?
  • What is Happening in Idaho?
  • What is the Value of Local Coordinated Planning?
  • What is the Value of Mobility?
  • What Can You Do?
ctai vision
CTAI Vision
  • Affordable access to transportation services
  • Transportation networks that connect citizens and fuel commerce
  • Communities will experience visible relief to air quality and congestion problems
  • One common voice
  • Local elected officials, stakeholders and business leaders promote and support improved mobility
ctai mission
CTAI Mission

To improve mobility for the people of Idaho by working with consumers, stakeholders and leaders while advocating for safe, cost effective, accessible, integrated and affordable mobility services and systems throughout the state.

ctai services
CTAI Services
  • CTAI provides the following services statewide:
  • Statewide Coordination
  • Training and Education
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Information Clearinghouse
  • Communications
why ctai
  • CTAI is the association that…
  • Gives all individuals and entities a collective voice within the mobility management paradigm, and
  • Facilitates communities to meet their mobility needs, develops partnerships, and provides informational resources to enhance Idahoans quality of life.
what is mobility
What is Mobility?
  • Mobility is moving from point A to point B regardless of the mode utilized.
  • Mobility includes:
    • Shuttles
    • Walking Paths
    • Bike Paths
    • Cars
    • Rideshares
    • Vanpools
    • Public Transportation
    • Highways and Roadways
    • School Buses
why is mobility important
Why is Mobility Important?
  • Mobility, the role of effectively and efficiently moving Idahoans, has never been more directly tied to our collective success and prosperity than it is today.
  • The Idaho way of life is, in fact, made possible by the freedom of movement we have always enjoyed.
  • The next transportation era needs to be one where all forms of mobility are more significantly invested in and more seamlessly connected together.
why is mobility important1
Why is Mobility Important?
  • Every community in the state desires a different pallet of mobility options.
  • The single occupant vehicle is simply not an option for several segments of our population.
  • Every commuter begins and ends their trip as a pedestrian.
  • Idaho prides itself on being independent and having the freedom to make our own choices. Mobility provides both.
  • Providing a mix of mobility options allows our state to remain clean, beautiful, and economically successful – allowing us to continue to participate in the activities we love such as hiking, biking, riding, fishing, walking or biking to work, etc.
what is happening in idaho
What is Happening in Idaho?
  • Approximately 18 months ago, Idaho embarked on a process to better understand the “State of Mobility” in Idaho.
  • Every community has unique mobility needs and values, so Idaho’s model focuses on a grass-roots effort led by local leaders, users, providers, service agencies, and other stakeholders to provide options.
  • As a result, 17 Local Mobility Management Networks across the state were established in support of improving mobility options for their community by:
    • Developing effective strategies
    • Utilizing local voices and local decision-making
    • Enhancing local coordination
    • Expanding local partnerships
    • Leveraging local resources
value of local coordinated planning
Value of Local Coordinated Planning
  • Montpelier, Idaho
  • Identified need to better utilize existing transportation resources
  • Developed Co-Op between Senior Center and local Churches
  • Utilized local Church resources to transport Seniors when Senior Center van is not working
value of mobility investment
Value of Mobility Investment
  • Victor, Idaho
  • Received funds to improve Victor Transit Center in southern Teton County
  • Transit center is connected to the regional pathway
  • Access by pedestrians, bicyclists, or commuters
  • Economic asset to many people in the area
  • Accommodate more commuters
  • Reduce congestion
  • Safer trip
value of mobility investment1
Value of Mobility Investment
  • Riggins, Idaho
  • Grassroots project that serves Riggins and the surrounding areas
  • Ridership increased 350 percent since September 2008
  • Received funds to expand existing service
  • Now offering services Monday-Friday
  • Expanded area to include New Meadows, in addition to Riggins, Lucille, Pinehurst, Slate Creek and Whitebird
  • Improve mobility for the elderly and handicapped
  • Reduce traffic congestion
what is the value of improved mobility
What is the Value of Improved Mobility?
  • Value of Improved Mobility:
  • Maintain Excellent Quality of Life in Idaho
  • Allow aging population to “Age in Place”
  • Maintain Rural Culture and Stimulate Local Economic Growth
  • Utilize Recreational Opportunities
  • Keep Idaho Beautiful and Clean
  • Provide Safe Transportation Options
  • Improve Access to Health Care
what can you do
What Can You Do?
  • Mobility exists in every community today.
  • While mobility includes public transportation, highways, and mass transit, it goes beyond to include things such as rideshare and vanpool programs, walking paths, bike paths, shuttles, light rail, and more.
  • Engage in the Local Coordinated Planning effort in your area.
  • Utilize the mobility needs and strategies identified by the Local Mobility Networks for the future decision-making.
  • Recognize mobility is an important component in the overall transportation system.
  • Goal is to have a coordinated and affordable mobility system that connects people in Idaho through a mix of exciting transportation options, helping to keep Idaho clean, beautiful, and economically successful.
  • Through the local coordinated planning efforts and an investment in community and public transportation options, the vision of improved mobility in Idaho can become a reality.
thank you
Thank You!
  • Heather Wheeler, MPA
  • CTAI Executive Director
  • (208) 991-8410