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Association Development Community of Practice PowerPoint Presentation
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Association Development Community of Practice

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Association Development Community of Practice
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Association Development Community of Practice

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  1. Association Development Community of Practice Advancing Microfinance through Association Leadership

  2. How We WorkOur Structure • Communities of Practice The SEEP Network’s Community of Practice is a framework that allows SEEP members different levels of participation and non-members to easily understand what SEEP does. All SEEP learning initiatives are organized under three Communities to build a cohesive learning framework and increase cross-fertilization of ideas. Intersecting areas illustrate where learning initiatives may be relevant to multiple Communities.

  3. Community MembersAssociation Development $28,942,120,060 Outstanding Loan Portfolio* 63 SEEP MF association members 8 Regional Networks 46% of SEEP’s members are associations 4,199 Total member MFIs 56 National Networks 89,407,541 Total Clients Served* *Not all members have provided this data Outreach data update as of November 30, 2011

  4. Member BenefitsExchange A Uniquely Global Practitioner Practitioner TO Learning Exchange Experience the deep, practical value of coming together in a practitioner-exclusive community. The SEEP community cultivates partnerships that benefit all parties through the pooling of resources, positions and expertise. By teaming up with a global community, your organization will have a bigger impact on the ground.

  5. Member BenefitsRecognition • Industry Recognition • A SEEP membership increases credibility with donors, funders, and other microenterprise development stakeholders.

  6. Member BenefitsAccess • Access to exclusive resources and tools • Most SEEP products are available to the industry at large, but some are exclusively for members. Members have exclusive use of some functionalities, such featured discussions and closed groups. Member organizations have the option of exhibiting their programs at the MarketPlace during the SEEP Annual Conference.   • Microfinance association members have exclusive access to the Member Feedback Tool (MFT), a survey tool that gauges satisfaction and needs among an association’s member microfinance institutions.

  7. Member BenefitsDiscounts SEEP offers all members reduced prices in all SEEP’s fee-based products and services, including discounted access to SEEP Annual Conference, the Global Network Summit, and regional events. Members can also apply for scholarships, per funding availability.

  8. Member BenefitsInfluence • Ability to shape SEEP’s learning agenda

  9. Association Development 2012 Learning Agenda • Consumer Protection • Learning Objective: To advance the practical application of the Client Protection Principles as a means of promoting responsible finance. • Risk Management • Learning Objective: To help associations define their role in national and regional risk mitigation strategies. • Savings Promotion • Learning Objective: To help associations to define their role in promoting access to savings, to spur the process of innovation and to advocate for the adoption of business models that expand savings services. • Transparent Business Environments • Learning Objective: To promote financial and social performance reporting and monitoring as a key service line for MFAs

  10. Association Development2012 Initiatives Association Development Community Regional Network Summits • SEEP is co-organizing 5 Regional Network Summits in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. These regional workshops bring together microfinance association professionals from each region to discuss important trends and critical needs for their respective microfinance sector. • MENA: Amman, Jordan – June 2- 3 • Asia: Shanghai, China – June 28 • EECA: Warsaw, Poland – July12 -13 • LAC: Panama City, Panama – September 3- 4 • Africa: Kampala, Uganda – September 27 Global Network Summit • The foremost event for microfinance associations, this event annually convenes representatives from regional and national associations from around the world to discuss current issues, share common solutions, and ultimately to strengthen their institutional capacity through workshops and peer learning. • 2012 GNS: Arlington, VA, 1 day during SEEP Conference week, Nov 5- 9, 2012.

  11. Association Development2012 Initiatives Association Development Community Brazil Network Strengthening Program SEEP and the Citi Foundation are partnering to implement a 3-year program to support the development of two microfinance associations in Brazil: ABSCM and ABCRED. Based on the highly successful methodology utilized in the Citi Network Strengthening Program, the program will focus on three mutually reinforcing elements (institutional strengthening, technical support in service provision, and high impact peer learning) to build the capacity of the associations to become leaders in the Brazilian microfinance sector. Responsible Finance through Local Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa This four-year program, supported by the MasterCard Foundation will provide direct support to eight associations from Sub-Saharan Africa while extending learning to other SEEP association members in Africa and globally. The goal of the program is to promote the responsible development of the microfinance markets through strong local leadership. The program will achieve this by building the organizational capacity of microfinance associations to deliver high quality, demand-driven services, creating a more transparent business environments, promoting consumer protection principles and practices, and developing a strong learning platform to scale and sustain industry development.

  12. Market Outlook 2012:Perspectives of Microfinance Association Leaders The top threats identified: • Government regulation, interference, and subsidized loans to the sector • Over-indebtedness, competition, high portfolio-at-risk (PAR) rates • Funding costs and availability Survey with 37 MFA directors to give a field perspective on what direction microfinance is taking in their countries in the next 12-18 months. • Associations’ Priorities and Actions: • Increase Sector Sustainability: Capacity Building in risk management, product development and market research • Work with governments and the broader community on appropriate legislation and understanding the benefits of the microfinance sector • Address over-indebtednessvia credit bureaus, client protection, financial education, credit risk management MFIs are least prepared to mitigate the risks of: • Political interference • Competition / Corporate governance

  13. SEEP Launches SPWG MicroSite

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