Project life cycle and organization
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Project Life Cycle and Organization. Project Life Cycle and Organization.

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Project life cycle and organization1
Project Life Cycle and Organization

Project life cycleDivide projects into phases to provide better management control with appropriate link to ongoing operations.Project life cycle defines:- What technical work to do in each phase- What deliverables are to be generated in each phase and how they are reviewed, verified and validated- Who is involved in each phase- How to control and approve each phase

Common characteristics for life cycles
Common characteristics for life cycles:

- Phases are generally sequential- Cost and staffing levels are low at the start, peak during intermediate phase and drop rapidly on closing phase.- Highest level of uncertainty, greatest risk of failing to achieve the objectives at the start of project- Highest influence of stakeholders on project's product and final cost at the start of project because the cost of change increase as project progressing.

Project phases
Project Phases

The completion and approval of one or more deliverables characterize a project phase. For reason of size, complexity, level of risk, and cash flow constraints, project phases can be further subdivided into sub phases aligned with one or more specific deliverables for monitoring and control. For each phase and sub phase, the project management processes can be applied.

Project life cycle and product life cycle
Project life cycle and product life cycle

Product life cycle starts with the business plan, through ideas to product, ongoing operations and product divestment.The project life cycle goes through a series of phases to create the product.

Project stakeholders
Project Stakeholders

Are Individuals and organizations- actively involve in the project- whose interest may be affected by the

project- Influence the project objectives or outcomes

Key stakeholders include
Key stakeholders include:

- Project Manager- Customer/User- Performing organization- Project team members- Project Management team- Sponsor- Influencers- PMO

Project management system
Project Management System

Set of tools, techniques, methodologies, resources and procedures used to manage a project.Project Management Plan describes how the project management system will be used.

Projectized organization
Projectized Organization