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JUMPSTART. Review your notes for the following questions: Find and rewrite the definition for IMPRESSMENT . What two groups are being shown? What was the reason for the action above?. James Madison – “The Other Man in Black”. Cued Retelling – Note Guide. Problems with France and England

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  • Review your notes for the following questions:
  • Find and rewrite the definition for IMPRESSMENT.
  • What two groups are being shown?
  • What was the reason for the action above?
cued retelling note guide
Cued Retelling – Note Guide
  • Problems with France and England
  • Trade as a Weapon
  • Tecumseh and Native American Unity
  • War Hawks
pre ap jumpstart
Pre AP Jumpstart
  • You have 10-15 minutes to finish up your first four questions from yesterday.
  • If you and your partner are finished, review your notes together quietly.
  • This is not the time to talk to other groups still working.
ol jumpstart
OL Jumpstart
  • Have out your questions from yesterday’s activity.
  • Open your book back to page 310.
  • Review the first few questions we completed together.
  • Read ahead silently and try to answer the remaining questions.
volunteer as tribute
Volunteer as Tribute!
  • Are you in need of some Thompson Dollars?
problems with france and england
Problems with France and England
  • United States
  • Britain and France
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Blockade
  • Impressment
  • War
  • Jefferson
trade as a weapon
Trade as a Weapon
  • Jefferson
  • Embargo Act of 1807
  • Ports
  • Farmers and merchants
  • James Madison
tecumseh and native american unity
Tecumseh and Native American Unity
  • Anger
  • Britain
  • Native Americans
  • Tecumseh
  • Unite
  • William Henry Harrison
  • Treaty of Fort Wayne
  • Battle of Tippecanoe
war hawks
War Hawks
  • Allies
  • Canada
  • Natives
  • Henry Clay
  • War Hawks
  • Britain
  • War
check in

Which of the causes would you rank as #1?

question again
Question Again
  • The War Begins
  • The First Phase of War
  • The Second Phase of War
  • The Legacy of War
war hawks1
War Hawks
  • Westerners who demanded war with Britain
    • New Englanders and Federalists were anti-war
  • Wanted aid to Natives stopped
  • Wanted British out of Canada
    • Thought this would make frontier safer
    • Could later add Canada to the United States
  • Led by Henry Clay
first phase of the war
First Phase of the War
  • U.S. navy won some important victories
    • Oliver Hazard Perry
    • Battle of the Thames
  • Put an end to the British threat in the Northwest
  • Tecumseh died  Natives lost an important leader
second phase of the war
Second Phase of the War
  • Britain turned their full attention to U.S.
  • Burned the capital in August 1814
  • Attacked Ft. McHenry
    • Francis Scott Key
      • Star Spangled Banner
  • Battle of New Orleans
    • Jackson became a national hero
effects of the war of 1812
Legacy of the War Effects of the War of 1812

Treaty of Ghent

Showed that the war had NO clear winner

Terms included:

Ending the war

Returning prisoner

Restoring all previous boundaries

  • Increased American patriotism and nationalism
  • Broke the strength of the Native Americans
  • Forced the growth of U.S. manufacturing
  • Americans now believed their young nation could survive and prosper
snowball fight
Snowball Fight!

Use the words below to create 3 summary sentences. One sentence MUST deal with causes and effects of the war!

People PlacesThings

Tecumseh New Orleans impressment

War Hawks Canada blockade

Andrew Jackson Washington D.C. Treaty of Ghent

New Englanders Northwest manufacturing

Native Americans Fort McHenry nationalism

British patriotism


Hartford Convention

hartford convention
Hartford Convention
  • Opposition to the war was heavy in New England
    • Took advantage of smuggling in the beginning
    • When Britain extended their blockade in 1814, opposition grew
  • Hartford Convention:Federalists in New England meet in late 1814
    • Considered secession, listed grievances
    • Right of nullification discussed
    • After New Orleans, Convention looked disloyal
    • Federalists never recovered from the stigma