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Multicultural Unit on WWII PowerPoint Presentation
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Multicultural Unit on WWII

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Multicultural Unit on WWII
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Multicultural Unit on WWII

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  1. Multicultural Unit on WWII An Integrated, Thematic, Transition-Linked, Standards-Based Unit Dr. Pamela Luft Ashley Curtis Ashley Martin And other grant team members Kent State University

  2. Problem • Dealing with Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing students who have varied reading abilities • Incorporating state standards and making these meaningful to students through transition-linked activities • Showing multiple and multicultural perspectives on a historical event Transition Services Preparation & Training

  3. Solution • Using “Understanding by Design” (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005) • Incorporating three cross-cultural strands and perspectives of WWII • Using both chapter and picture books focusing on children’s experiences • Incorporating standards through real-life transition activities Transition Services Preparation & Training

  4. Who is the unit for? • Designed specifically for students who are D/HH in grades 4 through 8 • Easily modifiable for a high school curriculum • Based on a unit developed by Teacher of the Deaf, Ms. Michelle Fischer • Kent State University Deaf Education majors on OSERS transition grant expanded on Ms. Fisher’s ideas to create this comprehensive, literature-based unit which incorporates ODE and LCCE standards Transition Services Preparation & Training

  5. How we created the WWII unit • Selection of age-appropriate picture books focusing on the experiences of three areas: ◦Japan, Europe, and the United States, including: ◦The Holocaust and concentration camps ◦Atomic bomb & effects (Nagasaki/Hiroshima) ◦Japanese-American internment camps and Pearl Harbor • Books aligned with objectives of unit, based on LCCE Daily Living Skills and ODE academic standards, creating activities which incorporate transition skills and themes from the books Transition Services Preparation & Training

  6. How we created the WWII unit, con’t. • Focus on three “strands” for literature based-activity groupings, as well as connections among these: -Japan, Europe, United States... ◦experiences of characters AND ◦perspectives of all communities involved • Development of timeline, which can be transferred to multiple tiers, tracing interactions among book characters, nations, and actual events of World War II Transition Services Preparation & Training

  7. Examples of books used Transition Services Preparation & Training

  8. Sadako by Eleanor Coerr-available in both chapter and picture book form • Ohio Content Standards • Math Standards • Measurement and Geometry • Path of the bombs • Detonation and damage from bombs • Illness and contamination patterns from radiation poisoning Transition Services Preparation & Training

  9. Sadako • Ohio Content Standards • Science • Life Sciences • Mutations that happened to children born after the bombing • Mutations that happened to people exposed to the radiation • Cancer’s effect on a person’s body Transition Services Preparation & Training

  10. Sadako • Ohio Content Standards • Language Arts • Reading Application C&D • Write a hypothetical letter to raise money for the statue described at the end of the book • Write a letter to help spread Sadako’s story and the importance of peace • Independent Reading Project Transition Services Preparation & Training

  11. Sadako – Transition LinksIncludes relevant, interactive websites and group/individual activities Transition Services Preparation & Training

  12. Additional Information • Contact Information VISIT OUR WEBSITE!!! Dr. Pamela Luft, Kent State University; Kent, Ohio • Additional Team Members Olivia Chapman Lindsey Cecala Amy Massey-Norton Keady Gundrum Theodore Reeves Erin Royse Laurie Sutherin Transition Services Preparation & Training