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DECam Project Summary

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DECam Project Summary. Outline WBS 1.1 Management WBS 1.2 Focal Plan Detectors WBS 1.3 Front End Electronics WBS 1.4 Optics WBS 1.5 Opto-mechanical WBS 1.6 SISPI WBS 1.7 Survey Planning WBS 1.8 Integration with CTIO. News: WBS 1.1 Management. Labor

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decam project summary
DECam Project Summary
  • Outline
    • WBS 1.1 Management
    • WBS 1.2 Focal Plan Detectors
    • WBS 1.3 Front End Electronics
    • WBS 1.4 Optics
    • WBS 1.5 Opto-mechanical
    • WBS 1.6 SISPI
    • WBS 1.7 Survey Planning
    • WBS 1.8 Integration with CTIO

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

news wbs 1 1 management
News: WBS 1.1 Management
  • Labor
    • Electrical: Steve Chappa, is starting to collect information on all cables and electronic signals in the CCD vessel and in the cage
    • Mechanical:
      • 50% of an ME has been added to the effort from July to ~ Jan. to help get us ready for CD-2 this fall – He is working on the telescope simulator
      • Kurt submitted a req. for a new engineer to Mike Crisler. Idea is that the person would work ~ 50% on the camera vessel design and start in ~ Dec.
    • Opening for an engineering physicist to help with the CCD testing and analysis was posted yesterday. Hope to have position filled by mid. September
  • M&S
    • Last large generic R&D requisitions for FY07 have been submitted
      • CCD req signed by PPD (120k)
      • Optical parts for precise QE measurements is winding through the system (27k) – currently waiting for Dale

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

decam project management roles will update the ppmp
DECam Project Management Roles (will update the PPMP)
  • Project Integration Team: chaired by the DECam Project Manager and composed of the individuals charged with insuring the successful integration of all the components of DECam.
    • Mechanical Project Engineer: Andy Stefanik
    • Electrical Project Engineer: Terri Shaw
    • Software Integration: Jon Thaler
    • Integrated Safety Management: Wyatt Merritt + ES&H
    • CTIO integration: Tim Abbott
    • DECam Project Scientist: Darren DePoy

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

review plans and news
Review plans and news
  • Current plans:
    • CD2/3a Directors review in Nov. 2007
    • Joint NSF/DOE CD2/3a review in Jan. 08
    • Approval expected by March 1 2008.
    • Joint NSF/DOE CD3b review May 2008. This would focus on the rest of the DECam project and integration with DM and CFIP
    • Full CD3 approval by July 2008
  • Strawman CD3A List for DECam (=tasks that are ready and need to make procurements of final parts before ~ July 2008):
    • WBS 1.2 CCD wafer processing (not packaging)
  • New Guidance on the TPC: We need to include the cost of preparing the Conceptual Design Report in the total project cost
    • Only technical labor counts (Andy, Terri, Greg, etc)
    • Only time spent on the actual document counts
    • Will base this on a best estimate from the engineers
    • So far it looks like about 60 hours of engineering time was spent reading and editing, this is about $7000. Not a big change in the TPC!

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

earned value on generic r d project 40 codes
Earned Value on generic R&D – project 40 codes

Plan to delete move all the Generic R&D tasks to a separate project file and start on Project funds (project number 470) on August 1st

  • CD labor in WBS 1.7 to DECam PPD codes is understood. Discrepancy is due to inexact matching of CD and PPD codes.
  • Overall we are coming out cheaper than scheduled and we are falling a bit behind
    • Main contribution to “cheaper” is the CCDs which are obligated long before they are costed: will change when switch to R&D codes.
    • Additional engineering in 1.5 and 1.3 will bring those closer to the scheduled progress and cost (we have been falling behind due to the lack of mechanical engineering on non critical path tasks in 1.5)
  • L2 managers are updating the schedule one more time before we are ready to go to project funds.

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

labor through june
Labor Through June
  • The final reality adjustments by July 23rd
  • Dale will run the EV one more time as a final check of the past
  • Will then re-smooth the obligations profile to match the funding profiles, the review schedule and the new guidance on MIE funds
  • Also adding many milestones for the in-kind tasks

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007


WBS 1.2 Lot 2A Detectors

Tested 4 high quality 2k x 2k detectors from Lot 2A (3 shown here).

Unusable pixels due to cosmetic defects < 0.06% in all cases.

Specification is <2% for this category

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

pin hole camera with the mccdtv
Pin-hole camera with the MCCDTV
  • Herman Cease
  • Galaxy Poster

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

wbs 1 2 lot 2b control wafers






WBS 1.2 Lot 2B Control Wafers
  • We received the 3 Lot 2B control wafers from LBNL this week.
  • Of the twelve 2kx4k devices,
    • 6 are near perfect
    • 5 have vertical-clock sensitive hot columns (only one has many), the other 1 or 2
    • 1 didn’t readout on one of two channels
  • These results are similar to Lot 2A control wafers

Example: 107419-1

Re-polished wafers

Cold probe data

~ perfect (S.H.)

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

wbs 1 3 cabling tests
WBS 1.3 Cabling Tests
  • Testing AlN Board with JFET
    • 3 CCD packages produced
      • 2 did not work
      • 3rd had one working half; noise is less than when we locate JFET on a small CCD Interface Board
      • We will build two more packages
  • Testing parallel JFET drivers with and without preamp stage
    • 6.2 usec/pix without preamp (11Jul2007_4Ftrf_198.fits)

(LH)gain=0.97 ADU/e, noise=6.8 ADU -> 7e

    • 6.2 usec/pix with preamp (13Jul2007Ftrf_289.fits)

(LH)gain=2.4 ADU/e, noise=15.8 ADU ->6.5 e

    • 3.7 usec/pix without preamp

(LH)gain=0.47 ADU/e, noise=5.1 ADU -> 11 e

    • 3.7 usec/pix with preamp (13Jul2007_2Ftrf_395.fits)

(LH)gain=1.2 ADU/e, noise= 9 ADU ->7.5 e

Lowest noise results with a parallel JFET source follower and preamp!

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007



New clocking of the detectors allows us to achieve ~8 e of noise @ 3.7 usec/pixel (goal=10e @ 4usec/pixel). Similar performance obtained in 4-CCD mosaic camera.





noise < 10 (yellow)

10 < noise < 15 (blue)

15 < noise < 20 (green)

20 < noise < 25 (red)

noise>25 (black)

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

wbs 1 3 multiccd readout
WBS 1.3 MultiCCD Readout
  • multiCCD was warmed up and all the cables were rebuilt to have internal preamp and microcoax everywhere..

@4.1 usec/pix

CCD0-LH: g=1.32 ADU/e , noise=10 ADU 7.6e-CCD0-RH: g=1.6 ADU/e , noise=10 ADU 6.3e-CCD1-LH: detector with problems (no gain meas) CCD1-RH: detector with problems (no gain meas) CCD2-LH: g=1.44 ADU/e , noise=12 ADU 8.3 e-CCD2-RH: g=1.49 ADU/e , noise=11 ADU 7.4 e-CCD3-LH: detector with problems (no gain meas) CCD3-RH: g=1.40 ADU/e , noise=10 ADU 7.1 e-

Three preamps did not work after installation; we believe the preamps were damaged prior to installation. Good lesson on handling!


Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

wbs 1 4 optics
WBS 1.4 Optics
  • Ready to order glass blanks – currently waiting for university contracts to be signed
  • Tender for lens polishing is nearly ready to go out
    • will be a 40 day response cycle
  • Filter specifications will be complete by mid August
    • Will send around for the Collaboration to review
    • Plan to send out a request for quote in early Sept. (R&D proposal funds)
    • Contract will be for one prototype filter with an option to buy the rest of them
  • Revised Cell design meets the requirements (UCL FEM)
  • UCL has a large lens (~ 600mm diameter) that they will use to prototype the lens cell design and alignment plans
  • Preparing solid model to get cost estimates for a stray light analysis and baffle design

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

wbs 1 5 cryo cooler capacity and vibration test with mccdtv
WBS 1.5: Cryo-Cooler Capacity and vibration Test with MCCDTV


400 Watt


Cu Block


Back Cover


Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

wbs 1 5 mccdtv upgrades

1) Paint “Sombrero” light baffle black at UCEC. DONE

Event horizon

From black hole


Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007

opto mechanical system wbs 1 5
Opto-Mechanical System WBS 1.5
  • First draft of WBS 1.5 TDR outline and barrel section are complete.
  • Checked combined deflections of C1 cell (UCL) and barrel cone (Fermilab). We are marching towards one all inclusive FEM at Fermilab vs component FEMs at various institutions.
  • Submitted Request for Budgetary Quotation for the camera vessel weldment.
  • C5 cell has gone out twice for budgetary quotations; no responses yet. Will try again. It looks like outside shops are busy and are paying less attention to small budget quotes.
  • Will have a layout of the telescope simulator and service platform on Friday to show SiDet mgt the space we need in Lab A.
  • Purchasing will issue the formal hexapod RFI to at least 7 vendors on Friday. The plan is to sign a contract for step 1 in October (R&D proposal funds)

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007


WBS 1.7 Simulations Update - 07/19/07

  • We have updated the image simulation file format to conform to the image header data model (from Joe Mohr et al.), and provided a simulated image pointing to DES Data Management for validation
  • This test pointing also includes fixes for the small astrometric and photometric bugs found by the DM group for the previous simulated images
  • We are awaiting confirmation that the bugs are corrected before proceeding with Joe Mohr’s request for one night’s worth of “Gold Standard” simulations, which will then be processed by the DESDM pipelines, with QA results (against the input truth values) shown for presentations, etc.

Brenna Flaugher July 20, 2007