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or, We’ve documented all our processes— what’s left to do?. Process Implementation. Sarah Sheard Software Productivity Consortium Thursday, July 3, 2003. 3. Introduction. Processes are defined Rest is easy, right?. Don’t bother the workers, just write compliant processes….

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Process implementation


We’ve documented all our processes—what’s left to do?

Process Implementation

Sarah Sheard

Software Productivity Consortium

Thursday, July 3, 2003




  • Processes are defined

  • Rest is easy, right?

Don’t bother the workers, just write compliant processes…

And we’ll institutionalize them…

What is institutionalization
What is institutionalization?

No, not that kind!

Not Institutionalized


Quick, get the processes! We’ve got a crisis here!

We can’t afford to follow processes, we’ve got a crisis here!

So what does it take
So what does it take?

1. Manage as a project

2. Obtain management support

3. Establish policy

4. Establish measurement baseline

5. Train employees and managers

6. Tailor processes

7. Maintain process assets

8. Ensure processes are being used

9. Learn Lessons

10. Improve Processes

11. Appraise the organization

Manage as a project
Manage as a project

  • Use your project management process

  • Obtain funding, the right people, and tools

  • Create implementation plan including measurable milestones

    • Use this presentation as a starting point

  • Track progress against plan

Obtain management support
Obtain management support

Who’s assigned to what projects?

DB needs


How many “projects” are there?

Use the DB

Establish policy


Establish policy

  • Sponsor ensures policy requires use of processes

  • Publicize policy

  • Take action if not followed

You were doing Hero in a Process zone…

Establish measurement baseline








Establish measurement baseline

Survey the territory now

Plan measurement



What does each process element cost?


Validate data

Train employees and managers

If I knew when the specs would be ready, I could staff up on time

Train employees and managers

  • Engineers and software developers don’t instinctively know how to implement processes

    • May need tutoring in change management

  • Employees must be trained in all processes they are to follow

    • Concentrate on what’s different

  • Managers may not know how to use processes to manage

    • Managing with data

Tailor processes
Tailor processes time

  • Show projects how to adapt the standard processes to their needs

    • Add or modify activities

  • Schedule and plan resources per project constraints

  • Improve tailoring guidelines based on project experience

Maintain process assets
Maintain process assets time

  • May need to build or improve repository

  • Add places for in-work versions

  • Consider how to track tailoring

  • Consider adding examples

  • Measure usability of repository

  • Track usage of repository

  • Provide help desk distribution center

Ensure processes are being used
Ensure processes timeare being used

  • Develop auditing capability

  • Train auditors

  • Train organization onhow to respond to audits

  • Publicize audit plan

  • Audit processes

  • Act on results

  • Improve audit procedure

Learn lessons
Learn lessons time

  • Establish method for learning and recording lessons

  • Avoid “write-only” lessons- learned databases

  • Culture and embarrassment cause difficulties

Improve processes
Improve processes time

  • Identify process owners

  • Establish process reviews

    • Monthly

    • Yearly

  • Encourage improvement ideas

  • Review change requests

  • Update, [pilot], and roll out changes

Appraise the organization
Appraise the organization time

Document Review

  • Schedule appraisal including mini-appraisals

  • Prepare for and perform mini-appraisals

  • Perform official appraisal

  • Set new goals



Process implementation requires everyone
Process Implementation timeRequires Everyone!

  • Senior management sets the tone and ensures other managers make PI happen

  • SEPG drives the process improvement program to its goals

  • Projects review processes, tailor standard processes, use their tailored versions, and recommend improvements

  • QA audits independently

Additional resources
Additional Resources time

  • Frameworks Quagmire web site IEEE Software July 2001)

    Request papers of [email protected]

  • What is Senior Management Commitment?

  • Barriers to SE Process Improvement (#1=“We’re Different”)

  • Life Cycle of a Silver Bullet (CrossTalk)

Software productivity consortium
Software Productivity Consortium time

  • Member-funded and Directed

    • Approx. 100 Full Members

    • Government Affiliates

    • Other

  • Courses, Seminars, Advocacy

  • Methods development and consulting

  • Process improvement products, consulting, and appraisals (e.g. plan allocating resources to these tasks)

Any questions

Pick me! time

Any Questions?

Sarah Sheard

Systems Engineering Technical Lead

Software Productivity Consortium

Herndon VA

[email protected]