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Miss Gibboney’s Classroom Expectations PowerPoint Presentation
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Miss Gibboney’s Classroom Expectations

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Miss Gibboney’s Classroom Expectations
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Miss Gibboney’s Classroom Expectations

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  1. Miss Gibboney’s Classroom Expectations

  2. As Students, I expect you to… • Be on time and prepared for class • Put forth your best effort • Use your time wisely • Have a positive attitude • Pay attention, listen, and not be disruptive • Be actively involved as a member of a group • Be responsible for your own learning • Be someone I can trust and respect

  3. As a teacher, you can expect me to… • Be on time and prepared to teach an engaging lesson • Put forth my best effort in planning activities and lessons, as well as grading your assessments • Return your work in a reasonable time frame • Use every minute of class • Be actively involved in teaching • Have a positive attitude • Pay attention to you, and listen to your thoughts, concerns, and ideas • Be someone you can trust and respect

  4. Required Materials • For Religion: • Composition notebook • For math: • Spiral notebook • General binder/folder • Pencils and erasers • Textbook/simple solutions book

  5. Entering the Room • Always enter the room quietly and politely • Find your seat right away and start morning work/problem of the day • Follow any specific directions on the board • Use bathroom or sharpen pencils before class is started • Turn in anything to me right away • This is not a time for socializing!

  6. Leaving the Room • During class: • Always ask for permission before leaving and sign out on the white board • Remember to use the bathroom at the beginning or end of class and not during instruction time • Asking to go get something out of your locker is unacceptable… come to class prepared! • At end of class: • Clean up area around your seat and return anything borrowed • Pack up and form line by door QUIETLY! • Wait for permission to leave classroom • ALWAYS be quiet and considerate in the hallway and locker area– conduct points will be given (Locker area is not a place to goof around)

  7. Student Corner • Turn in all homework assignments on turn in shelves • Find any extra handouts in Absent bin • When borrowing supplies: • Always return items borrowed • Be respectful to these supplies • Let me know when something is running low • Keep cabinets organized

  8. During Instructional time… • Be respectful to others • No talking while someone else is talking • Only math/religion items should be on desk • Only get up to get a tissue (bathroom breaks and pencil sharpening should be done before class) • Don’t be disruptive • Follow along with what we are doing • Raise your hand ALWAYS!

  9. During Small Group/Work time… • Always use indoor voices • N.O.I.S.E. system • Follow whatever directions are given • Stay on task (small group time is not a time to socialize!) • I WILL break up groups/separate people who are not staying on task • Work together as a team and cooperate • Make sure every group member is putting in the same amount of effort

  10. When done with classwork… • Don’t distract others • May work on math journals, math extra credit sheets, or other math related assignments • May read AR book • Not time to socialize or work on other homework!

  11. Last but not least… • In my class, always remember to… • Smile • Laugh • Live the faith • Challenge yourself • And most importantly… LEARN!