what is the human impact on bees n.
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What is the human impact on bees? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is the human impact on bees?

What is the human impact on bees?

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What is the human impact on bees?

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  1. What is the human impact on bees?

  2. HOW MANY BEES ARE LEFT IN THE WORLD? No one knows how many bees are left in the world because each day the queen bee gives birth up to 2,000 bees per day and it would be hard to keep track of all those bees. The average bee lives for about 45 to 50 days and when bees are dying new bees are being born so there is a balance.

  3. Are we doing anything wrong? One of the reasons for the bee population decline is the heat waves and radio waves that fly through the air which will evidently kill out all the bees left in the world, if that happens the human race will be extinct four years later. If we cut down on using electronics the bees will be around for a lot longer that means we will to.

  4. Can we do anything to help? Yes, to help we could plant flowers and keep the environment clean so the bees can fly around safely. If everyone plants one or more trees or flower plant bees will live for much longer. If you really want to help you could learn how to make a bee garden to help increase the population of native pollinators.

  5. What is a bees natural habitat? Their original habitats very across the globe. There are over 20,000 known species of bees And 3,000 unknown that are still being studied. Honey bees live in colonies in honey combs. They also live in bee hives in big groups of about 2,300 bees per 5 square meters of hives.

  6. How do bees breed? Mating takes place at some distance from the hive and often several hundred feet in the air Within a few days, eggs hatch. At this point, the hatchling is in larva form and resembles a tiny white worm. After about a week, they leave the larva stage and turn into a real bee.

  7. How can we help the bees? You can help the bees live for longer in ways like making a garden for them to pollinate and ask a bee keeper to come around and collect the honey. Don’t intentionally hit bees and don’t make bees angry because they will sting you and they will die, because they cannot live without their stinger.

  8. What is the human impact on bees? If we just leave the bees alone they will do what they do without people killing them and distracting them on their job. If we do that we would live for longer and so would they. If you see anyone attempting to kill a bee stop them and tell them what would happen if everyone started to kill bees all the time. Don’t forget to include we will be extinct in four years if all the bees are gone.

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