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Switching to Wind Power for Electricity Generation PowerPoint Presentation
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Switching to Wind Power for Electricity Generation

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Switching to Wind Power for Electricity Generation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Switching to Wind Power for Electricity Generation. Pooks Hill Square Bethesda, Maryland. May 15, 2013 (Contacts Slide Added 2013-05-17).

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Presentation Transcript

Switching to Wind Power for

  • Electricity Generation

Pooks Hill Square

Bethesda, Maryland

May 15, 2013

(Contacts Slide Added 2013-05-17)


Wind electricity provides an opportunity to make a positive environmental change without a capital investment. These changes will positively impact community, society and the environment for present and future generations.


How Does Wind Power Work? (cont)

The amount of electricity we use each month will be bought from wind sources, by the local distribution company.

The amount purchased from coal and nuclear sources will be reduced by that same amount.


Why Wind Power?

  • Burning coal is also a leading cause of smog, acid rain, and toxic air pollution, including mercury, sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxides (Nox), and particulate matter. Some emissions can be significantly reduced with readily available pollution controls, but not eliminated.
  • Source: Union of Concerned Scientists
  • The health costs are not borne by the electricity industry, but by each of us individually and our children.
  • Your environmental stewardship makes a difference!
    • Cleaner air to breathe
    • Reduced dependence on foreign oil
    • Increased opportunity for green jobs growth
    • Preserve natural environment for future generations

Competitively Priced to make it easy to take Action that is good for our environment

Pooks Hill Square Commercial rates apply to common areas, not individual units

*Pepco SOS is the rate if no supplier is chosen, and no supplier contract exists; Pooks Hill Square currently has SOS


Clean Currents gives back in support of residents and business supporting wind power:

  • Discounts for Wind Power for Residents: Pooks Hill Square residents can sign up for Clean Currents at home at a discounted rate ($0.0901).
  • Wind Powered Rewards Gift Card: Residents that sign up for Clean Currents wind power at home receive a gift card ($35) redeemable at a local business powered by Clean Currents, such as Strosnider’s Hardware, Mom’s Organic Market, LedoPizza, MetroMetroand Associates, Addie’s Restaurant, and Ridgewell’sCatering (determined by customer).
  • EPA Green Power Partnership: Pooks Hill Square Association can be registered on the listing of Green-Powered communities. Clean Currents does all the work to prepare the documents for you.
  • Press release that can be used in newsletter, community messaging.
  • Green Neighborhood Challenge: programs help your community raise funds for green projects while increasing support for clean energy.

Clean Currents

Clean Currents is the Mid-Atlantic’s leading green energy company, supplying wind power through the grid to residences and businesses. Since its founding in 2005, Clean Currents has built a vibrant green community in the region, helping more than 12,000 residential and 1,300 commercial entities across Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania. Clean Currents is a registered Benefit LLC and a B-Corporation. Clean Currents is also a Montgomery County Certified Green Business. For complete information and to view our Wind Powered Business Directory, visit

B-Corporation and Benefit LLC: By voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. A Benefit Corporation must create a “general public benefit” (included in the corporation’s statement of purpose), which benefit must be measured by an independent third-party standard.


Clean Currents sources its National Wind RECs from the following domestic wind farms:

  • Adair Wind Farm - Adair, Iowa
  • Carroll Wind Farm - Carroll County, Iowa
  • Flatwater Wind Facility - DuBois, Nebraska
  • Petersburg Wind Farm - Petersberg, Nebraska
  • Turkey Track Wind Energy Center - Blackwell, Texas
  • Rolling Hills Wind Farm - Massena, Iowa
  • Victory Wind Farm, Carroll County & Crawford County, Iowa

Many local businesses, churches and synagogues have switched to wind power with Clean Currents (over 1,000)


Constellation Energy – no residential offers

Washington Gas Energy Services– requested


Contacts for Clean Currents

  • Community:

Questions and Signup: Eileen Shatzman


- Allied Realty handles the signup upon approval

  • Residential:

Questions:Emily Conrad

(301-754-0430 ext706)

Sign up: Clean Currents will send the promotion code to Allied Realty. Then an email will be sent to all residents with a link to the signup page where the code is entered. Emily can handle additional questions.


Clean Currents: Locally Grown

Clean Currents began in Montgomery County in 2005, lead by Co-Founder and CEO Charles Segerman, and President and Co-Founder, Gary Skulnik. In 2007, Clean Currents moved into The Rockville Innovation Center. Supported by the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development, the County’s Business Innovation Network helps young companies get a footing in the market. In June 2012, Clean Currents completed the relocation of its headquarters from The Rockville Innovation Center to an expanded office space in Silver Spring Metro Plaza. The move signified a new chapter in the company history, after six years in The Rockville Innovation Center. All jobs are local.


Why Wind Power? (more)

Coal plants are the nation’s top source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the primary cause of global warming. In 2011, utility coal plants in the United States emitted a total of 1.7 billion tons of CO21.  A typical coal plant generates 3.5 million tons of CO2 per year2.

what is a wind rec
What is a Wind Rec?
  • A Wind Rec is “Renewable Energy Certificate”
  • Established by EPA as a tracking mechanism for the amount of renewable energy generated in the US. It allows transfer of the renewable energy value nationally, without the physical transfer of the electricity long distance, which wastes energy
  • Wind Recs are certified by a national private organization “Green E Energy.”
  • Green-e Energy is the nation's leading voluntary certification program for renewable energy. For over a decade, Green-e Energy has been certifying renewable energy that meets environmental and consumer protection standards that it developed in conjunction with leading environmental, energy and policy organizations. Green-e Energy also requires that sellers of certified renewable energy disclose clear and useful information to potential customers, allowing consumers to make informed choices.
more comparison info
More Comparison Info
  • Clean Currents’ variable rate has consistently been 'at' or 'below' Pepco SOS commercial rates. It changes weekly. January 2013 was the first month offered by Clean Currents.
  • For variable rate there is no penalty to switch back to Pepco SOS.  In  3 year contract, there are significant penalties if you terminate before contract end based on when you terminate.  This is the same with all fixed price electric energy supply contracts, regardless of your supplier.  It is not advisable to terminate a fixed contract as the fees are significant. 
  • Clean Currents renewal rates are 96% for commercial accounts, and 98% for residential accounts.  That speaks to the level of satisfaction experienced with Clean Currents.