stereotype prejudice and discrimination n.
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Stereotype, prejudice and discrimination PowerPoint Presentation
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Stereotype, prejudice and discrimination

Stereotype, prejudice and discrimination

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Stereotype, prejudice and discrimination

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  1. Stereotype, prejudice and discrimination Aim: To investigate different stereotypes. Two doctors are collecting a child from nursery. One is the father of the others son. How are the two people related?

  2. What prejudices/stereotypes are shown in these videos?

  3. Puzzle. • Cerrie Burnell was born with part of an arm and a hand missing. There have been 9 official complaints about her, some parents saying their children have had nightmares because of her arm. Other, more reasonable, parents have said it is good to have positive role models. Why were there been at least 9 official complaints about this CBeebies presenter?

  4. Stereotype: a fixed idea that people have about what someone or something is like, especially an idea that is wrong:racial/sexual stereotypes Prejudice: is when you pre-judge someone – judge them before you know them. A prejudiced opinion is not based on fact.

  5. Jot down some notes… • What stereotypes do people hold about Americans?

  6. Germans…?

  7. British…?

  8. Parents Media Where do we get our stereotypes? Friends History

  9. Now write your own definitions of stereotype, and prejudice. Give real life examples with your definitions.

  10. Discrimination: Acting on your prejudice. Prejudice is the judgement of someone while discrimination is an action against someone because of your prejudice.

  11. Copy & Complete Decide whether the following are prejudice or discrimination… • Women can’t drive! • Women pay less for car insurance. • In Boots teenagers are only allowed in one at a time. • Old people are grumpy! • Hitler killed over 6 million Jews. • Black people are better dancers.

  12. Stonewall's Report • Homophobic bullying is almost epidemic in Britain's’ schools. Almost two thirds (65%) of young lesbians, gay and bisexual pupils have experienced direct bullying. 75% of young gay people attending faith schools have experienced homophobic bullying. • Even if gay pupils are not directly experiencing bullying, they are learning in an environment where homophobic language and comments are commonplace. 98% of young gay people hear the phrases “that’s so gay” or “you’re so gay” in school, and over four fifths hear such comments often or frequently. • 97% of pupils hear other insulting homophobic remarks, such as “poof”, “dyke”, “rug-muncher”, “queer” and “bender”. Over 7 in 10 gay pupils hear those phrases used often or frequently. • Less than a quarter (23%) of young gay people have been told that homophobic bullying is wrong in their school. In schools that have said homophobic bullying is wrong, gay young people are 60% more likely not to have been bullied. • Over half of lesbian and gay pupils don’t feel able to be themselves at school. 35% of gay pupils do not feel safe or accepted at school.

  13. Citizenship Essay Obj: To plan an essay and know how to answer an exam question.

  14. COPY & COMPLETE ‘Discrimination is the biggest threat to peace in the UK today.’ • Do you agree? You should include: • An introduction including a definition of discrimination • Arguments for and against the statement • Examples of discrimination in the UK • Compare these examples to discrimination world wide and what discrimination can lead to. • A conclusion summing up your arguments. Ideas to include: • Local cases of discrimination • BNP party and other groups that rally support for discrimination • Mass discrimination and genocide such as the Holocaust/ Rwandan genocide/Bosnian genocide • Don’t just focus on one sort of discrimination. You could include Islamophobia, Homophobia, Sexism etc • Discrimination in schools. Stonewall’s School Report into the experiences of young gay people in Britain.