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Orangutans . By Oliver Littlefield. Hi I am an orangutan. In this PowerPoint I will be telling you about orangutans. Where do orangutans live?.

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Oliver Littlefield

Where do orangutans live
Where do orangutans live? you about orangutans

  • Most often orangutans live in tall trees in Borneo , eating bananas and fruit. The babies live in orphanage because they are not old enough to go into the wild.

What do orangutans eat
What do orangutans eat? you about orangutans

Orangutans eat bananas and fruit. They love to eat some bark when they can.

Predator you about orangutans

Amazingly predators of orangutans are tigers. It is also lions and bears. Orangutans can keep away from bears by climbing.

Adaptation you about orangutans

Orangutans live in the jungle. They love to play “catch me” to there predator. They billed roofs on there nest.

Life span
Life Span you about orangutans

Orangutans live on till 40 if not smuggled. Born, mature, (or smuggled) reproduce, and die.

Did you know orangutans like to hug and play in trees
Did you know… you about orangutansorangutans like to hug and play in trees

Thanks for watching
Thanks for watching you about orangutans