Planning for emergencies
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Planning for Emergencies. How to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Agenda. What could POSSIBLY happen? Expecting the unexpected Building a plan Insurance can help Available resources. What could possibly happen?. 1 st Baptist Church Gulfport, MS. August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina

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Planning for emergencies

Planning for Emergencies

How to prepare forworst-case scenarios


  • What could POSSIBLY happen?

  • Expecting the unexpected

  • Building a plan

  • Insurance can help

  • Available resources

1 st baptist church gulfport ms
1st Baptist Church Gulfport, MS

  • August 29, 2005

  • Hurricane Katrina

  • Buildings destroyed

  • Church vehicles destroyed

  • Ministry stopped

Expect the unexpected
Expect the Unexpected

  • Churches must prepare for emergencies, disasters, epidemics

  • It is during these times your community turns to the church

  • A unique opportunity to minister to those in need

Building a plan
Building a Plan

“Research indicates that immediately following a disaster, the next 24 hours is what defines your response…and sometimes your future.”

Dick Baggett, SPHR, NACBA Ledger

Spring ‘04, p. 10

Building a plan1
Building a Plan

Form Emergency Response Team

  • Church Administrator

  • Civil Servants (fire, police, EMT)

  • Insurance professional

  • Representatives of major ministry areas within your church

Building a plan2
Building a Plan

Create Emergency Response Plan

  • Facilities

  • Church Violence

  • Crisis Response

  • Ministry Continuity

  • Pandemics

Emergency response plan
Emergency Response Plan

A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3

  • Perform a Risk Assessment

  • Develop a recovery strategy including duties and responsibilities

  • Document your plan

  • Train personnel

  • Maintain the plan

  • Regular testing and/or drills

Church violence
Church Violence

Churches of all sizes experience acts of violence

  • Majority carried out by people who have a connection to the congregation

  • Be prepared

  • Develop a Church Security Plan & Guidelines


  • H1N1 served as a wake up call

  • What is a Pandemic?

  • Occur an average of 3 times each century

Ministry continuity
Ministry Continuity

  • Information Technology

  • Ministry Contingency Plan includes:

    • Ministry and church business resumption

    • Emergency Operating Procedures

    • Information systems’ data processing recovery

Ministry continuity1
Ministry Continuity

  • Data Recovery Plans

  • What data services, at a minimum, would be required?

    • Membership database

    • E-mail

    • Web services

    • Voice systems


  • What constitutes a risk at your facility?

  • Facilities Emergency Procedures Outline:

    • Phone numbers for police, fire, utilities, service contractors

    • Building schematics

    • First aid

    • Logistical information

    • Evacuation plan

    • Counseling

    • Ministry

How can insurance help
How can insurance help?

  • Property Coverage--replacement cost

  • Liability Coverage—covers the church for negligence

  • Business Income & Extra Expense

Business income coverage
Business Income Coverage

Pays for loss of “business income” sustained due to “suspension of operations”.

  • Caused by a direct physical loss of or damage to property

  • Loss or damage directly caused by a “covered cause of loss”

  • Must satisfy waiting period

  • Subject to policy limit

  • Coverage for loss of use due to civil authority

Extra expense coverage
Extra Expense Coverage

  • Pays for actual and necessary “extra expense” incurred due to direct physical loss/damage to property

  • Loss or damage directly caused by a “covered cause of loss”

  • Provides coverage for loss of use due to civil authority

How much is enough
How much is enough?

  • Average weekly tithes and offerings

  • Determine amount required by possible number of weeks

  • Look at average rents for facilities in area for extra expense coverage


Take advantage of resources available:

  • www.churchadminpro.cominformation on developing manuals and plans for your church

  • information on developing your own Emergency Response Plan



For Property/Casualty Risk Management tools designed especially for your church: