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Sustainable Travel and Influencing Travel Behaviour. Travel Meadowhall…. What is Sustainable transport. Sustainable transport is a phrase which was coined in the late 20th century to describe all forms of transport which minimise emissions of carbon dioxide and pollutants.

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What is Sustainable transport

Sustainable transport is a phrase which was coined in the late 20th century to describe all forms of transport which minimise emissions of carbon dioxide and pollutants.

Sustainable transport can mean public transport, car sharing, walking and cycling as well as technology such as electric and hybrid cars and bio-diesel.


How to Influence Travel Behaviour

‘Smarter Choices’ are techniques for influencing people's travel behaviour towards more sustainable options such as encouraging workplace and individualised travel planning.

They also seek to improve public transport and marketing services such as travel awareness campaigns, setting up websites for car share schemes and producing travel option guides.


Public Transport Strategy

  • Highly accessible so aim increase mode share
  • >15% of visitors travel by public transport
  • <70% of visitors travel alone by car
  • >55% of employees travel by public transport
  • >sense of arrival

Improve attractiveness for Customers!

  • Already served by a dedicated Passenger Transport Interchange
  • Improve experience by :-
  • Improvement to the bridge
  • Improvement to the signage
  • Better travel information
  • Better sense of arrival
What a partnership with the Highways agency and other key partners in the transport industry brings to our future…

An Area Travel Plan and a joined up approach to delivering business district benefits

Sustainable land development for RDD

Pooled resources for major transport schemes

Competitive rates for Car Sharing as a subgroup on the regional service from Lift Share

Adult cycle service: training, events, user group and meeting all the works! Go on BUG ME!

New innovation and technology!

Interagency Strategic Alignment…

Why it makes good business sense…

Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing has reduced our travel costs and lost business hours

Car pooling reduces mileage claim allowance

Discount tickets increase moral amongst staff and increases retention due to loyalty

Car Sharing is at a rate of 16%... More spaces!

Our reduction in ‘business’ travel miles is greater than our business carbon footprint for 2006 / 07

Our business will be carbon neutral in

2007 / 08

Travel is our business…

The Environment Strategy…

Resource Recover Centre


IS0 14001

Rain Water Harvesting

Sustainable Energy Source

Fuel Cell Technology

Bio Diesel


Organisation alignment…

Make little changes if you can… and join the 10% Club!

What could the 10% club actually mean for you?

Making a commitment to changing your travel pattern, one day a fortnight would make a 10% difference at least

Enjoying up to 10% discount on your bus ticket

Car Sharing one day a fortnight is 10% (offering / taking a lift)

Enjoying 10% off the purchase of a new bike

Reduce your car fuel costs by 10% by ‘Eco-Driving’

10% off with go shop cards for Customers travelling sustainably

Car share coffee club for our 10% Club member drivers!

What is the message….

Available now

Personalised travel information for buses, trains and trams with a FREE TRAVEL SOUTH YORKSHIRE TICKET!!!

Ticket discounts on First, Stagecoach (Supertram) and Travel Master weekly and monthly tickets

Biker user group (BUG ME) service users enhance our offer

Dr Bike service fortnightly for employees, customers and community groups

Bike Safe training to reduce road traffic accidents for motorbike travellers.

Car share database to identify people to share your car journeys and contribute to the cost and / or offer lifts to others (staff only)

Free Fuel for Electric Cars in the seven bay recharge zone… for switched on shopping with ZERO EMISSIONS

What’s on offer…

Partnership and imagination in Public Transport

For example, ‘Travel Service Network’ for Retail Partners….

Information on best routes… SYPTE are TOPS!

Give you a free ticket and encouragement to leave the car on the drive… First Bus or Supertram

Discounted tickets sold at the centre

Induction presentation on sustainable travel option

Travel Road Shows

Events and joint promotions

Annual ‘Snap Shot’ survey

How can this work….

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

In 2006 the UK spent two billion pounds on bottled water

We paid the same price per litre as we do for PETROL!

We have the cleanest of any European Country on TAP!

15 years ago… We had never heard of bottled water in the UK

Make them believe they need it…

Make the offer irresistible and linked to lifestyle…

Making the changes…



Alice Truswell

Transport and Travel Plan Manager

Meadowhall Centre Ltd

Management Suite, 1 The Oasis, Meadowhall Centre. Sheffield S9 1EP

Tel: 0114 235 4508