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Travel 1: Travel Authorization

Travel 1: Travel Authorization. Welcome to Training!. Why PeopleSoft? PeopleSoft will help UTEP to grow . What’s Your Part? We need your skills and expertise in order to utilize PeopleSoft. It’s a vehicle and you’re the driver! Over time you will build your own history with PeopleSoft.

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Travel 1: Travel Authorization

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  1. Travel 1: Travel Authorization

  2. Welcome to Training! Why PeopleSoft? PeopleSoft will help UTEP to grow. What’s Your Part? We need your skills and expertise in order to utilize PeopleSoft. It’s a vehicle and you’re the driver! Over time you will build your own history with PeopleSoft. What to Know About Training? Training is an investment in your professional growth. Be open to change
  3. Setting Expectations Only core functionality will be available at go-live. We’re starting with limited workflow—we’ll be using processes outside of PeopleSoft for certain HR & Financial transactions. We’ll have to work through the kinks—some functionality may not work smoothly right at implementation. We’ll have to be patient—we’ll need additional time to process and enter transactions in the beginning. We will be using a PeopleSoft simulation environment during training.
  4. What Can You Do? Feel free to ask questions and take notes. Contact the Help Desk if you encounter a glitch or forget how to complete a transaction. Revisit the training webpage to review training materials and videos. Become your office’s “Go-To” person. Be willing to offer your help. Attend our Go-Live Work Sessions—open lab time you can use to process live documents/transactions.
  5. Define-PeopleSoft Account Conversion Found at: peoplesoft.utep.edu
  6. Terminology Travel Authorization (VE5) – The initial travel request created by the processor or admin before the travel. Expense Report (VP2/VP5) – Expense reimbursement process initiated by the processor only after the travel authorization has been approved and the travel has been completed. Workflow- approval routing process.
  7. What is NOT changing? Travel Authorization will still be required. An Expense Report will also be required for all Travel and Non-Travel employee reimbursements. Expenses must be itemized by each travel day. All Travel and Non-Travel policies will remain the same. A travel authorization can be directly linked to an Expense Report.
  8. What is changing? All employee travel and non-travel reimbursements will be processed on one screen. No more separate VP2 and VP5s. Meal per diems will automatically populate in the expense report fields. A copy feature may be used for multiple expense lines. Temporarily, an interim approval process must be completed prior to inputting documents in PeopleSoft. Expense reclassification (VE6) can not be processed in PeopleSoft at Go Live. An alternative process is currently being developed. Process will be posted on the web site under FAQ’s.
  9. Additional Terminology Interim Approval Process (IAP)- Temporary document approval process created to approve documents prior to entering in PeopleSoft. Initiator- Responsible for creating and submitting the IAP document for approval. Approver- Responsible for approving the IAP document. Processor- Responsible for creating and processing the electronic travel document in PeopleSoft.
  10. Travel Process Initiator: Submit Travel Authorization Form for department approval Initiator: Select Cash Advance box (Optional) Yellow : Interim Approval Process Green: PeopleSoft Process Processor: Enter Travel Authorization into PeopleSoft Initiator: Submits Travel Reimbursement Form for department approval Processor: Enter travel reimbursement information into PeopleSoft
  11. Interim Approval Process 1 2 Initiator downloads from peoplesoft.utep.edu Enter Traveler UserID. Click enter to automatically populate the traveler’s information. Travel Processor can be changed. (optional) Click Cash Advance Box. (optional) Click No Cost to University. (if applicable) Enter the Cost Center/ Project IDs, for funding sources. 4 3 5 6
  12. Interim Approval Process 1 Enter the appropriate information for all the fields highlighted in red. Click OK to submit. 2
  13. Interim Approval Process E-mail
  14. Creating a Travel Authorization Main Menu > Travel and Expense > Travel and Expense Center
  15. Creating a Travel Authorization Click Create under Travel Authorization.
  16. Creating a Travel Authorization Click on the Add a New Value tab. Enter the Empl ID or click on the magnifying glass to look for the employee to create Travel Authorization. Search by using either Empl ID or Name to look up the employee and select the employee. Click on Add. 1 2 4 3
  17. Creating a Travel Authorization Section A: General Information – Enter the details about your Travel. Click “Create” Section B: Details – Enter the information for the Expense Type. Section C: Totals – Indicates the amount authorized for travel.
  18. Creating a Travel Authorization Section A 1 Justification 2 3 Click the User Defaults hyperlink to verify detailed information about the traveler. Under General Information, fill in the information for the highlighted fields. If travelling to Washington DC, complete the Washington DC Purpose field.
  19. Creating a Travel Authorization Section B 2 1 3 Select Expense Type “TA-Travel-Auth-Encumbrance-Amt”. Populate line 1 only. Fill out the following fields in line 1 Date Amount Payment Type (use “Paid by Empl” only) Billing Type (use “Expense” only) Click on the Detail link to enter additional information for the line.
  20. Creating a Travel Authorization
  21. Creating a Travel Authorization The Accounting Summary section fields are prepopulated using the travelers default funding source in HR. Click OK button. 1 2
  22. Creating a Travel Authorization 1 Note: You are returned to the details screen. Click Check Expense For Errors button to identify any errors in the line. Click on Return to Travel Authorization Entry link. 2
  23. Creating a Travel Authorization 3 Click on Update Totals. Click on Save for Later to complete at a later time. Note the Authorization ID is auto populated. Click Submit to process. Justification 1 2 4
  24. Creating a Travel Authorization Click the OK button to confirm.
  25. Creating a Travel Authorization Justification 1 The Status field changes to Approved. Action History section shows Submitted under the Action field. 2
  26. Let us take a break
  27. Travel Authorization Examples Interim Approval Process Travel authorization Initiator: Create travel authorization Approver: Approve travel authorization Traveler: Authorize to Deduct Travel authorization in PeopleSoft. Multiple day travel
  28. Supported Browsers
  29. References Additional information and resources can be found on the PeopleSoft website. Job Aids Power Point slides Key Terms/Glossary Quick Guides Crosswalk Links to UPK
  30. Classroom Summary Topic summary. Web page location. (Peoplesoft.utep.edu) Training materials and UPK’s available. Help Desk support available. Drop in sessions available May 5th. FAQ’s will be posted on the web site.
  31. Questions
  32. Thank You!

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