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Creating Mobile Friendly Content PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating Mobile Friendly Content

Creating Mobile Friendly Content

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Creating Mobile Friendly Content

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  1. Creating Mobile Friendly Content For Adult Education

  2. Agenda • Introductions • What is Mobile Friendly Content? • What content do you want to deliver to mobile devices? • Tools • QR Codes • Weebly • PollEverywhere • PaperLi

  3. National Association for Adults with Special Learning NeedsNAASLN

  4. NAASLN Introductory Membership • Special - Free membership • Good through December 2014 • This is your opportunity to get to know NAASLN and start getting involved in issues that are important to you! • See NAASLN brochure & website to learn more about our association

  5. Benefits for Introductory Members • Discounts on all NAASLN Webinars (Internet-based professional development seminars) & events • Receipt of the NAASLN Membership News & Views quarterly E-newsletter • Opportunity to join a NAASLN committee and start making an immediate difference for adults with Special Learning Needs • Networking opportunities, technical and professional support specifically related to Special Learning Needs

  6. Additional Benefits for Paid Members • Voting rights • Chair a committee – Become a member of the Board of Directors • Mini grants to assist adult Special Learning Needs students succeed in the classroom See benefits and fee schedule in NAASLN Brochure & on Website

  7. LINCS Community

  8. What is Mobile Friendly Content?

  9. Mobile Friendly • Go to on your mobile device • How does it compare with what shows on a computer screen? • Go to • How does it compare with what shows on a computer screen?

  10. Mobile Friendly

  11. Access • Phone Data Plans • WiFi • MiFi • Datajack

  12. EveryoneOn

  13. EveryoneOn

  14. What content do you want to deliver to mobile devices?

  15. Types of Content • Writing • Videos • Sound Files and Podcasts • Links • Images • Uploaded Documents • Interactive Content (Quizzes, Surveys)

  16. Tools

  17. QR Codes

  18. What are QR Codes? Quick Response • Q R stands for • Invented in Japan by Toyota in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process

  19. How Would You Get to Here? Shortened URL

  20. QR Code Readers • QR Codes can be used with a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet that has access to the internet • The device must have an QR Code reader (also called scanner) app installed • Apple Devices: Qrafter or Scan • Android Devices: QR Droid NOTE: You should NOT have to pay money or give information about yourself when selecting and installing a QR Code reader or scanner

  21. Choosing Apps Ask you students “How do you choose which app to download?” • Reviews • Ratings • Description • Cost

  22. QR Code Readers The QR Code reader is an app that uses the camera on your device to scan the code and then uses the internet to interpret the instructions in the code

  23. QR Codes in Real Life

  24. QR Codes in Education

  25. Image with Narration To hear about this photo go to this link or scan this QR Code Tools used to create this:

  26. Steps to Using in Education • First consider what is the learning goal • Make sure you have devices that can read a QR Code • Make sure the content is mobile friendly • Create the QR Codes you need

  27. QR Codes in Education • QR Codes in Adult Education (video) • Make your own QR Code Scavenger Hunt! • Scavenger Hunt • 5 Real Ways To Use QR Codes In Education • Black & White and Scanned All Over (video) • QR Codes Connect Students to Books • Shambles QR Code Resource • Desktop QR Code Reader • QR Codes in Education Livebinder • 50 QR code resources for the classroom

  28. Make Your Own QR Code • Bitly (for URL’s) • Google (for URL’s) • Kaywa (for URL’s and contact info) • ScanLife (for URL’s and contact info) • ZXING (for URL’s, wifi, contact info and more)

  29. Shortening Links 29 You can use BitLy to shorten URL’s without creating an account

  30. Make Your Own QR Code • Paste the Bitly shortened URL in the address bar of your browser • Type .qr at the end of the shortened URL • Hit the Enter key • Up will come your QR Code

  31. Weebly

  32. To Create a Weebly Website • Go to • To create your account, use an email address you can access here • Use a password you can remember • Have a URL name idea--your free URL will look something like this

  33. Why Weebly? • Free website creation tool • Easy to add content • Includes tools for most kinds of content (writing, video, links, images) • Automatically mobile friendly • Elegant design options • And did I mention…Free

  34. Weebly Interface

  35. Weebly Forms • Create a Contact Form • Collect Form Submissions • Edit the Contact Form Address • Add an Email Newsletter / Auto-Responder Form

  36. Weebly Tutorial •

  37. PollEverywhere

  38. PollEverywhere

  39. PollEverywhere in Education Increasing classroom participation and attentiveness Encouraging risk-taking with anonymous student responses Eliciting diverse opinions when there isn’t a correct answer Gauging student comprehension of material immediately Grabbing students with thought-provoking opening questions Assessing last night’s reading with a quick quiz

  40. PollEverywhere

  41. Survey View

  42. PollEverywhere in Education • Best of Web 2.0: Using Poll Everywhere • QR and Poll Everywhere • Upcycled Education: PollEverywhere • SMS Education: Poll Everywhere Is Making the Mobile Pop Quiz More Affordable • Our survey

  43. PaperLi

  44. Paper.Li

  45. Paper.Li • Very simple to set up • Content from Twitter, online newspapers and magazines • Set up once and PaperLi will do the rest (or make changes as you need)

  46. Paper.Li • To create a PaperLi account you must have Twitter or Facebook account • Resources • • • •

  47. My contact info Nell Eckerlsey • Email: • Twitter: • LINCS Technology and Learning Group • Website: