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Texas Teacher STaR Chart PowerPoint Presentation
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Texas Teacher STaR Chart

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Texas Teacher STaR Chart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Texas Teacher STaR Chart. S chool T echnology a nd R eadiness Chart www.tea.state.tx.us/starchart. www.tea.state.tx.us/starchart. NCLB Title II Part D. Technology Literate Students by 8 th grade Tech Apps TEKS Technology Literate Teachers SBEC Technology Standards

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Texas Teacher STaR Chart

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texas teacher star chart
Texas Teacher STaR Chart

School Technologyand Readiness Chart



nclb title ii part d
NCLB Title II Part D
  • Technology Literate Students by 8th grade

Tech Apps TEKS

  • Technology Literate Teachers

SBEC Technology Standards

  • Technology across the curriculum by 2006

Technology Applications TEKS

planning for integration







Teacher and

Other Data

Planning for Integration

No Child Left Behind








texas teacher star chart5
Texas Teacher STaR Chart

The purpose of the Texas Teacher STaR Chart is to assist all classroom teachers in assessing their personal needs and setting professional goals for the use of technology in the classroom to support student achievement.

texas teacher star chart6
Texas Teacher STaR Chart
  • Developed Fall 2003
  • Teacher input gathered Winter 2004
  • Final edits in Spring 2004
  • Benchmark Release Fall 2004
Four Key Areas
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Educator Preparation and Development
  • Administration and Support
  • Infrastructure for Technology

Progress Indicators

  • Early Tech
  • Developing Tech
  • Advanced Tech
  • Target Tech
levels of progress
Levels of Progress
  • It is possible to have indicators in more than one Level of Progress.
  • For each question, select the one Level of Progress that best describes you.
determining level of progress
Determining Level of Progress
  • To determine which Level of Progress you should select, look at pages 4 and 5.
  • Example: You are unclear on the criteria for Focus Area A. Turn to page 4 and read the descriptor listed under Early Tech. If this fits you, select Early Tech. If this does not accurately represent you, continue reading the descriptors for Focus Area A until you find one that best describes your skills.
  • Mark your selection on page 9 under Focus Area A. Later you will transfer this information to the online chart.
assigning numeric values
Assigning Numeric Values

Each Performance Descriptor has been assigned a corresponding numeric value. The values are as follows:

Early Tech = 1

Developing Tech = 2

Advanced Tech = 3

Target Tech = 4

Record the numeric value of your level on page 9 under the corresponding Focus Area.


Teacher Self-Assessment

The Texas Teacher STaR Chart focuses on four areas. The first two concern

Teaching and Learning

Educator Preparation and Development

The goal for all Texas teachers is to reach the Target Techlevel of the STaR Chart.


Teacher Perceptions

The Texas Teacher STaR Chart also includes two sections that will focus on teacher perceptions of the learning environment.

Administration and Support Services

Infrastructure for Technology

The goal for all Texas schools is to reach the Target Techlevel of the STaR Chart.


A Target Tech teacher

  • who works collaboratively on complex authentic tasks
  • communicates globally with peers and experts
  • meets the Technology Applications TEKS

A Target Tech teacher

  • Personally meets 100% of SBEC’s Technology Applications Standards
  • Is at the “Invention” stage of technology use
  • Seamlessly and appropriately integrates technology consistently to increase student learning

Principals and District administrators

  • will not be able to see individual teacher scores
  • will be able to seeaverage teacher scores by campus and by district

This is a benchmark year.

We do not expect you or your campus to be a Target Tech today!!!

using the electronic version
Using the Electronic Version
  • Get your username and campus ID from principal.
  • Log on to the site at: http://starchart.esc12.net
  • Select and enter a password for your account.
  • Complete the survey by transferring your results from page 9 to the digital form.

1st time user

Online help









Developed by

Technology Planning and E-Rate Support Center

ESC Region 12

in partnership with

Texas Education Agency


ESC Region 10

September 22, 2004

For Additional Assistance contact:

Your District STaR Chart Coordinatoror

starchart@region12.net 254-297-1275

or dedgar@esc4.net 713-744-6862