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Men’s What to Wear on Oktoberfest 2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Men’s What to Wear on Oktoberfest 2015

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Men’s What to Wear on Oktoberfest 2015
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Men’s What to Wear on Oktoberfest 2015

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  1. Men’s What to Wear on Oktoberfest 2015 Get Read Before go to Oktoberfest

  2. About Oktoberfest • Oktoberfest is the world's largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair). Held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, it is a 16-day folk festival running from late September to the first weekend in October, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year., Whether you are attending Oktoberfest in Germany or hosting your own Oktoberfest themed party, you are going to need a German costume, Bavarian costume or beer costume

  3. Men’s Oktoberfest Costume’s

  4. Men’s Oktoberfest Outfits Complete Men Costume at Oktoberfest will have a button-up shirt, either white or checkered, leather Lederhosen shorts with suspenders, an Alpine hat, and sturdy Bavarian shoes. When you take it up a notch, there are extra options for hat accessories, jackets, and vests which we explain in detail below. Suggest to Buy:

  5. Lederhosen for Men Ledershosen one of the most popular traditional men’s costume in Oktoberfest. Lederhosen are the standard leather shorts, Plattlerhosen are longer going either to or below the knee, and Bundhosen are more capri-style pants. Most leather pairs will come with bone buttons and some are even Gauplattlerhosen which mean they will be more decoratively embroidered Suggest to Buy:

  6. Traditional Hats The wool or felt Alpine and Bavarian hats are by far the way to go. These hats typically have pheasant or ostrich feathers on the side which are replaced by a brush of either goat or boar hair if you want to get fancy. In addition to Alpine hats, you will see many people also wearing floppy farmer hats as well as some with beer mug-shaped hats and even Harry Potter wizard hats. Traditional hats are the way to go though. Suggest to Buy:

  7. Shirts Oktoberfesta you can see men’s wear Bavarian Trachten shirts are the most common style of shirt. These shirts can be a solid color, but are usually a plaid pattern in either red or blue. Remember that white and blue are the official colors of Bavaria. Suggest to Buy:

  8. Suspenders Without suspender you oktoberfestcostume not completed, You have to have suspenders at least for the look even if your pants/shorts fit well enough to stay up on their own. An embroidered chest strap on your suspenders is a good way to add some flair to your outfit if you are working with a basic ensemble. Suggest to Buy:

  9. Shoes & Socks • Bavarian men wear traditional shoes called Haferlschuh which are a mix between a dress shoe and work boot. They have cleatedbumps on the bottom but have smooth leather on top. Socks can be cotton, but are normally wool with stripes on them. Suggest to Buy:

  10. Vests & Jackets Vests, jackets and even ties are common. The vest is called a Prien, and it is sometimes worn instead of suspenders. Traditional ties usually are worn with fancy metal tie rings. Most of the established Bavarian men have a nice jacket or vest to accent their outfit. Suggest to Buy:

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