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  1. Drama Definitions Stage Directions Greek Drama Arts & Humanities for Kentucky ? 1pt 1 pt 1 pt 1pt 1 pt 2 pt 2 pt 2pt 2pt 2 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 3 pt 4 pt 4 pt 4pt 4 pt 4pt 5pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt 5 pt

  2. Conversation between or among characters

  3. What is Dialogue

  4. Script; used chiefly for musicals, it contains the dialogue, but not the music or lyrics, for the show

  5. What is book

  6. The planning and execution of stage dances

  7. What is choreography

  8. Lines spoken by an actor directly to the audience rather than to fellow actors, who are assumed not to hear the lines

  9. What is an aside

  10. An afternoon performance of a play.

  11. What is Matinee

  12. The “X” marks this part of the stage… X Audience

  13. What is Upstage Left

  14. The “X” marks this part of the stage… X Audience

  15. What is Downstage Right

  16. The “X” marks this part of the stage… X Curtain Audience

  17. What is Upstage Right

  18. The “X” marks this part of the stage… X Audience

  19. What is Centerstage Left

  20. The “X” marks this part of the stage… X Audience

  21. What is Centerstage Right

  22. The theater was of this origin during the 5th century B.C. to The 6th century A.D.

  23. What is Greek

  24. The annual three-day festival of Dionysus was An event of civic and religious importance. Tragedies were performed during this event For the citizens of ?

  25. What is Athens

  26. A form of drama characterized By its serious tone and unhappy ending

  27. What is tragedy

  28. A Greek tragedy was the story of The downfall of this person Due to some tragic flaw in his/her Character which unknowingly tempted fate and Brought about his/her own downfall.

  29. What is a Noble Person

  30. This word is developed from The Greek words for “revel-song.” It was written in simple language And dealt with the lower classes And everyday affairs.

  31. What is Comedy

  32. Plot or story line, beginning, middle, End, dialogue, monologue, And conflict.


  34. Scenery, costumes, Props, sound and music, Makeup, and roles


  36. Character, movement, vocal Expression, speaking style, Listening, acting, storytelling


  38. West Africa And Native Americans are Examples of specific…

  39. What are cultures

  40. Examples of STYLES Folk tales, Myths, And legends are Examples of…

  41. Examples of STYLES

  42. This with a turned down, sad mouth Represented tragedy. This with an upturned, happy mouth Represented comedy.

  43. What is a MASK

  44. No one “tempts fate” by wishing A performer good luck. Instead the Performer is told…

  45. What is “Break a Leg!”

  46. A bad dress rehearsal • Discarded shoes landing flat and right side up • An actor’s shoes squeaking on his/her first entrance • A part calling for the wearing of a wig • An elderly person buying the first ticket of a performance • These are all what?

  47. What are Good Luck Signs

  48. This is a performer who diverts Attention to him/herself when he/she Is not meant to be the center of Attention.

  49. What is Scene Stealer

  50. Outside the theater this expression Means a person who is exposed To the full glare of publicity. Inside the theater, it was a light cast With a greenish glow and tended to Make performers dressed in green Invisible to the audience.